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February 13, 2013

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If you are The Farmer...this is NOT a good thing!
There is a well close to our home that is used to water our nearby orchards. Recently the water level has dropped in this well which has made it unable to be used. The Farmer depends on this well. He hired a man that would...with his well rig...drill a little deeper to insure a good source of water.
Last week...just as we were about to begin FHE, The Farmer's cel. phone rang.
By hearing and seeing his reaction to the phone call...I knew it wasn't a good thing.
 He and The Rooster headed to the nearby well and found the well
rig pulled completely over. It is an extremely heavy piece of machinery...
so it was a complete shock for The Farmer and for the men
who own and run the rig. The Farmer said, that in all of his years of farming..
.he hadn't ever seen anything like this. Because it was getting dark,
there wasn't much that could be done until the next morning.
 So FHE continued;)
As pieces of the story began to come was discovered that a  tractor that was
plowing in a nearby field, while making a very wide turn,
caught the cable that was being used to stabilize the well rig,
and pulled the rig completely over.
Early the next morning...a plan was made...
equipment was called in to help....
and the task of setting the rig back up, began.
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It wasn't an easy too a long time...but finally the rig was right side up again!
Thankfully the damage that was sustained, can be repaired.
 Thankfully no one was hurt.
Let the drilling begin!!

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