Love Is In The Air...

February 11, 2013

Val. 2013

Valentine's Day is a big favorite at our house!
It started a couple of weeks ago with one of The Farmer's famous...Messages from the Chalkboard.
Only it left everyone who came by...confused. I guess we aren't that great a math;)
He was kind enough to do another drawing...which I will share on Valentine's Day.
When he completed the second drawing he asked me...
"can this count as your Valentine's gift???"...he was serious...

Our family "Heart Attack" is in full swing.
This really is one of my favorite activities of the year! I love reading the notes
everyone writes to each other. Some are really sweet and some are really funny!
We had a large group of teenagers in our home over the weekend...
they caught onto the "Heart Attack" activity...and I have found many
sweet notes that were left for us while we weren't paying attention;)

PreShie....oh PreShie....
this was her note from a few days ago. It was after a lecture on
how to be a more loyal family member...;)

021 We got the Valentine package off to The Missionary Boy...
our family Valentine Dinner is planned...and we still have a couple of family
activities to top off our celebration of love.
Love is in the air.....

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