Winter Is A Gift...For A Farmer...

February 5, 2013

Winter is needed...Oh the wisdom of Seasons!
For The Farmer it is a time to catch his least with the farms and orchards.
For the land and the is a time for rest from growth and stress.
Kind of sound like life...doesn't it?
We all need a little "Winter" to rest at times;)
It is also a time for planting new trees...removing old trees that have finished their jobs...
and a time for the soil to be groomed for another season of growing.
. 004
This year at The old orchard was removed,
and now a new orchard is being planted.
It is also time to prune the existing peach orchards. Fruit will grow only on new wood...
so the old is removed to make way for the new! Also, the trees are guided...
through grow a certain way that will promote the best fruit production.
. 013
And this....this is hope.
Each little bud could possibly be a peach!
  That is what we hope and pray for!

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