Monday, October 20, 2014

Sis. Precious is 20!


 Happy Birthday to our dear Sis. Precious last Saturday!!! ]
Oh my goodness we miss this beauty... She bring so much life to wherever she goes! 
I was telling her through a letter last week, that I couldn't believe that she was 20...and she replied that she felt old and that when she returns from her mission, she will be the ripe old age of 21!
 And then I reminded her that when I served a mission for our church...
the age requirement was 21 and when I returned home I was 23. 
 Then she didn't feel that old anymore!


The week before her birthday a Stake Conference was held in her area and the visiting 
General Authority was Elder Daniel Johnson and his wife Leann. They are from our area,
 and Elder Johnson spent years as the Area President of Mexico, working very closely with
 The Farmer. He is a friend and a when Sis. Precious heard he would
 be attending she was thrilled. We are grateful that he was able to
 take a moment to tell her hello...and snap a quick picture.


 I got a quick note from her mission mom on Saturday where she let us know 
that Sis. Precious has been released back to regular missionary work and is 
recovering beautifully from her car accident. She still has things to take care of...but she 
is on the mend. Sis. Jardine also said that she and Pres. Jardine had called Sis. Precious 
early Sat. morning to sing Happy Birthday to her! 
 I thought that was amazing! 
 We are beyond grateful for this beautiful daughter. 
 She blesses us as parents in so many ways! 
 We are especially grateful for her missionary service. 
We think she is pretty special!!! 
We love our Sis. Precious!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Good-Byes Are Very Hard...

DSC_8238 copydad

Skinner, Charles AllenCharles Allen Skinner passed away peacefully in his home on October 1, 2014, after a long battle with cancer. 

Charles was born, the second son of Earnest and Mabel Peterson Skinner, October 16, 1942, in Farmington, Utah. The family lived predominantly on the Skinner family ranch located in Nounan, Bear Lake County, Idaho where they ranched and farmed until 1958. Life on the ranch was highly formative on Charles and his siblings. There he learned the meaning of hard work, a love for his family, and a love for basketball. 
In 1958, at the age of 15, the family moved to Mesa, Arizona, though they retained and returned each summer to the ranch in Nounan, Idaho. Charles' immediate family grew to include a total of six brothers and one sister. Earnest and Mabel were devoted parents who instilled a devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ in their children. 

After moving to Mesa, Charles first met the love of his life, Vicki Osborn. Charles attended Mesa High School, where he played basketball for the school team and dated Vicki, graduating in 1961. Charles served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Peru, Andes Mission serving between November 1961 and May 1964 where he learned to speak Spanish fluently. 
Charles courtship of Vicki was ultimately successful and they were married in the Mesa, Arizona Temple October 24, 1964. Charles played basketball for and pursued his education at Mesa Community College and Utah State University finally achieving a masters degree from Arizona State University. His education led to his certification as a teacher. He returned to Mesa High School where he taught biology, physical education, human anatomy and coached basketball. He was a skilled coach and an exceptionally gifted teacher who loved the sciences and loved sharing the wonders of the natural world with more than forty years of high school students. He was a man of science and man of God and believed passionately that the two were not incompatible. 

Charles and Vicki were blessed with eight children, two daughters and six sons (one son died at birth). Charles loved and served in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints all of his life. He genuinely loved people, both the thousands of students he taught (and coached) as well as the many who he met and served through his church responsibilities. He was fun-loving, energetic and compassionate. He touched deeply and influenced greatly the lives of many. Charles was an unashamed disciple of Jesus Christ. He leaves a legacy of love, faithfulness, service, devotion and honor.

Through the faith, prayers and skillful care of many doctors, Charles' life was miraculously extended despite being diagnosed with a terminal blood cancer in 1987. Charles and Vicki were serving as full-time missionaries in Wisconsin when he was diagnosed with lymphoma requiring their return home for treatment.
Charles is preceded in death by his parents Earnest and Mabel Skinner, son Jonathan Skinner, grandson Colton Jones and granddaughter Gracie Jones.

He is survived by his wife and sweetheart of fifty years Vicki Osborn Skinner and his children Rachelle Jones (Kelly), Matthew (Kim), Nathan (Jennifer), Benjamin (Amy), A. Heath (Cedar), Stuart, Bethany Woodruff (Colton) and twenty grandchildren (with one additional granddaughter due soon). Charles is also survived by his siblings Morgan, Steve, Joel, David, Shauna Clark and Daniel.

A viewing will be held Friday, October 10, 2014, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at 2334 E. Pueblo Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204.
Funeral Services will be held Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 10:00 am (viewing from 9:00 am to 9:45 am) at 2334 E. Pueblo Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204.
Interment will occur immediately following the funeral services at approximately 12:00 pm at the Mesa, Arizona Cemetery 1212 N. Center Street, Mesa, Arizona 85201 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


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Monday, September 22, 2014

Missionary Monday...

SAM_0009 Monday's are a joy! 
It was so great to hear from Sis. Precious today. 
She is recovering beautifully from her car accident, but is still not able to work full 
time as a missionary. She will soon have a follow-up MRI and hopefully will be 
back to work full time. She is still so sweet and so happy to be serving a mission! 
 Her letters are such a treat and are so fun to read! 
We love our Sis. Precious!

  photo (8)DSCN0502 DSCN0499

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Very Unusual...And...Very Sweet!


Not too long ago, The Aggie Boy came home for a visit. 
 We do love it when he comes home! Our days were filled with fun activities and lots of delicious food. 
 One evening we decided that Tacos were in order and we headed off to a 
favorite taco location. We ate... we laughed...we ate some more and just enjoyed being together! 
As often happens during dinner in our area, young Tarahumara Indian girls come to the 
tables asking for money. They are not native to our community, but have come here 
over the years because they are having a difficult time surviving in the mountain 
areas where they are from. They beg for change, or whatever 
someone may be willing to given them.


So as we were finishing with our dinner, two little girls approached our table asking for money. 
 The Farmer asked them if they were hungry, to which they replied "yes." 
 We gathered together a few tacos that had not been eaten and offered them to the girls. 
 They stood at the edge of our table and began to eat. 
It was very obvious that they were VERY hungry. 
 The Farmer signaled for the waiter to bring more tacos and a few sodas. And they ate.... 
A few minutes passed and a few more little indian girls arrived, when asked, they 
too confirmed that they were very hungry and so more tacos were ordered. 
 We all moved around the table and made space for them to join us...thinking that 
there was no way they would actually sit with us to eat...but we were in for a very big surprise! 
 The sat with us and they ate! Very unusual! 
I have never seen anything like this in all the years that I have lived in this area. 
 The Tarahumara Indians are very shy. 
 It is unheard of to actually have them sit and eat with you.


After a few more minutes...another few little girls arrived at the table and began to eat. 
 We ended up with 8 little indian girls at our table.  
The Farmer requested all the tacos that they could eat. 
 The Rooster went to the salad bar and loaded plates full of lettuce, cucumber and limes.
 They ate every last piece of lettuce that he brought to the table. It was amazing to watch! 
 The more they ate...the happier they got and soon they were all talking and laughing! 
It was a sweet sight. After sometime had passed, the mother of some of the young 
girls came looking for them, wondering why they had not returned. 
 She stood at a distance close enough to see them but not too close as to be approached. 
 After a few minutes we carried a few tacos to her, so that she too might eat. 
It was such a special experience for our family to have!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Wrecked Rooster...

photo (3)

I am currently visiting The Grandparents S. in AZ. 
 The Grandpa is fighting a very valiant fight against cancer, and some days are better than others...
but he is doing his best to be strong and brave. I am so thankful that The Farmer and The Rooster are holding things together on the home front so I could spend a few days here with The Grandparents. 
It has been a really nice visit. This time is also allowing me to catch up on a few delayed posts. 
The Aggie Boy and a very sweet friend of his, came home for a visit a week ago. 
 When he comes home...he brings alot of energy with him! 
It is a treat to have him around!

  photo (4)
 The Rooster really enjoyed having his brother home. 
The Rooster recently wrecked his motorcycle and it left a few marks behind;) 
Which required a trip to the Dr. A lecture from the Dr. (who also treated The Aggie Boy 
when he...on more than one occasion... wrecked his motorcycle too! 
 It also required a trip to the pharmacy and a few different medications. 
Thankfully he didn't break anything...

photo (8)

photo (6)

photo (5)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"She Will Be Just Fine..."

DSC_6327 copy

Early this morning my phone rang. 
(I am in the states visiting the Grandparents S. with Grandpa having some health issues.) 
 Anyway, when I answered the call, I was greeted by Pres. Jardine, 
Sis. Precious' mission president. He called to assure us that she was well...very sore...but well. 
 "She will be just fine..." he said "and we love her very much!" 
I love him for calling this morning, to ease the worry of a Mother's Heart. 
 I love him for leaving his family to serve the Lord and to serve Sis. Precious...
I love him...
he loves her!