Thursday, February 11, 2016

Beautiful Boy...


My Rooster...

Close your eyes, Have no fear, 
The monsters gone, He's on the run and your daddy's here,
 Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful, 
Beautiful Boy, 
 Before you go to sleep, Say a little prayer, 
Every day in every way, It's getting better and better, 
Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful, 
Beautiful Boy, 
 Out on the ocean sailing away, I can hardly wait,
 To see you to come of age, But I guess we'll both,
 Just have to be patient, Yes it's a long way to go, 
But in the meantime,
 Before you cross the street, Take my hand, 
Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans,
 Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful, 
Beautiful Boy
(John Lennon)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Fresh Start...


This Beauty returned to school this semester. 
After spending 9 months at home, healing from her car accident...she took a leap of faith
 and made a fresh start in her life. She is in a new town, a new school, a new apartment 
with new friends...and a new job. Our home is quiet and we miss her madly...
but we are so very, very proud of her, her strength and determination to get her life 
back. I was visiting with one of her doctors as she was preparing to return to school 
and the Dr. said, "I am so proud of Precious...she has fought a hard fight to get her health back... 
she has earned it!" That is a true statement. She really did fight hard. 
Some days it seemed like things would never be the same for her...
and truthfully in many ways that's ok. She knows more about herself now and how 
strong she really is. She knows her limits and respects them. 
 She knows that it is her choice, 
who she invites into her life and who she does not. 
She loves greater than she ever has...
she is wise, she is beautiful!
We are so grateful that she is where she is in her life...she inspires us!

We moved PreSh up to Utah in January.
 It was so fun to get her set up in a new apartment! 
 She is so creative and had carefully planned how she wanted her room to look. 
 The best part was to see how happy she was and how ready 
she was to start this next phase of her life.


The Farmer made a plate for her with each member of the family represented... 
Something she could keep in her room to make her smile.

Saying good-bye was really hard. 
 I took this picture through lots of tears. 
The look for contentment in her face made it a little easier for us to drive away...leaving her behind. 
I love the way these two love each other! It warms my heart.
 She thinks he walks on water (and he does!) 
and he thinks she is amazing and wonderful...(and she is). 
 She also knows that he would protect her and defend her. 
 There is nothing quite like the love of a Father.


 A little reminder for her room... She's got this! 
 Amazing things are in her future! 
Oh how we love our Precious!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Carne Does It Again!

I spent the week in New York City, last week...It was a wonderful week! 
While I was waiting in the airport...getting ready to board 
the plane a text arrived from The Farmer....


A little Bull calf was born to our Carne! 
I told The Farmer that he had missed his calling in life...he should have been a Rancher...
our herd is growing without any planning on our part! That's a dream for a Rancher.
 The Farmer was there when the little calf was born. He said that Carne was please to
 bring the calf to him to show The Farmer what a good job she had done.
 I thought that was so sweet!

  photo 2

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Growing Herd...


We discovered yesterday, a new member of our Longhorn family!
 It's a girl...and she is perfectly darling! 
We are still working on a name... 
Violet is mothering well...and we are happy!!! 
Thanks to The Rooster for the fun pictures!


Friday, January 8, 2016

Snow Day!...

photo 2 (2)

Today we awoke to beautiful snow!
 It was unexpected but welcome. 
The Rooster is developing into a fantastic photographer! 
This was taken by him at Rancho 25 early this morning. 
The cows don't seem fact, they seem pretty bothered!

  photo 2 (1)photo 1 (2) 

 Another great picture from The Rooster...

  photo 3 (1)photo 3 photo 4 (2) photo 5 
(Shauna Nielsen)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Perfect Day...

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sweet "16"...


The Farmer has this great tradition of naming each new year when it arrives. 
 He likes to make phrases that's always a good time. 
This year was named...
 "Sweet 16" I like it! 
We just ended a year of hard "stuff."
 If we ever used the phrase "We Can Do Hard Things..." we used it last year. 
We faced things that we never considered we would face...and we lived to tell ;) 
We are looking forward to a "sweet" year...even though we know the hard things will continue. Along with the hard, came so much good...
so many blessings, and that is what held us up. 
My days are full of gratitude for the good...and the hard too!

I love these people with all my heart! 
 The Darlings are now +1. 
I asked them for only one thing for Christmas this 
And they delivered. 
 We had a wonderful photographer stay with us for a few days through the holidays 
and she was kind enough to do a little photo shoot of My Darlings! 
 I can't believe they are all adults...and friends...the time has passed so quickly.
 I am so proud of each of them and the wonderful people that they are and are becoming.
 I am so blessed to be their Mom.
 Here's to a very "Sweet 16!!"