Friday, August 28, 2015

Picks and Shovels...


“God gives the picks and shovels to the ‘chosen’ 
because they are willing to go to work 
and get callouses on their hands.” 
Gordon B. Hinckley

We have big changes ahead for our family.
 A release for The Farmer...a marriage...and many more changes. 
They are all good changes.
 I am so grateful that he has labored with such commitment and love. 
 He has been a wonderful example of 
 "Enduring to the end." 
I love him so much for that.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's Official!!...Part 2


The Boy worked and worked, laying out each and every letter that spelled the special 
messages for his Girl. He calculated...he measured....he worked...he sweated ;)
...and finally it was done. Ready for the plane ride. Uncle Dave first flew over the 
Colonia Juarez temple...a perfect beginning.
Next he flew over the lake...which was near the spot that the words were written. 
Finally he flew in the direction of the message...he lined up the plane, flew a little lower and
passed over the words that would change The Boy's life. 
The first pass by...His Girl didn't see it!
 Coached by PreShie...the next pass by was perfect.
 PreSh and Uncle Dave caught it all on video and It was perfect! 
The Farmer and I, along with Grandma Vicki were waiting there by the 
words as they flew was a pretty special moment.


Back on Uncle Ron's runways...where they would land...waited our family... 
And The Boy of course. It was just what he be surrounded by the 
people who helped raise him, The people he loves and who love him...the most. 
And then the big moment came....


The plane landed. And then this happened....

  199207 219 218 227 250 239 244 252

We then headed back to our house for a celebration dinner...
again...perfectly planned out by The Boy. 
We had and green, rice, salad, steaks...
and watermelon. A perfect ending to a pretty perfect day!!

  075076 081 084 088

Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Official!!...Part 1

June 23, 2015 068

Around this time last year we were on our annual vacation to Utah. 
 The Boy was there working trying to earn money for the next school year. 
 Presh was getting ready to enter the MTC, and The Rooster was just having a good time!
 The Boy would spend most days with least the days that he wasn't working. 
 It was a really great time for our family. Anyway, during this time The Boy met a really
 beautiful and kind girl. He called one afternoon and asked if we didn't mind if he 
brought her over so we could meet her. Of course we thought that would be fine 
and then we waited for them to arrive. Our rented house was filled with
visiting cousins from AZ.

Certainly the little cousins were excited to meet The Boy's "friend." 
 I wondered if this girl he was bringing over would be completely overwhelmed 
with the energy that filled our house. I thought that might scare her away pretty quickly. 
 It really was quite a crowd! The time finally came and they arrived together. 
 The cousins were peeking out the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of her before 
they reached the door step. I heard things like..."they are here!!!"..."oh wow...she's so pretty!"
 and then they rushed to the door waiting for The Boy to open it. It was a fun scene to watch. 
 The door opened and there they were...and yes...she was beautiful! 
 But even better than that...she was sweet, kind and patient with all of those sweet 
cousins who wanted to talk to her and hug her. Immediately she jumped right in and
 helped serve cake and ice cream...chatting with everyone around her. 
 And then I thought..."she is fitting right in...interesting!"

We spent the rest of our summer days in Utah getting to know The Boy's "Girl"
more and more. The more we got to know her, the more we like her. 
 Some were even heard to suggest that we keep her, in exchange for The Boy! 
 Our vacation was finally done and we headed back home. 
PreSh entered her mission, The Rooster began his Senior year and The Boy 
returned to USU for another semester of college and
The Boy..and his Girl continued to date and fall in love.

Nearly a year passed and it was becoming quite clear that The Boy was smitten.
 Finally, he came home for Spring Break. During this time he confided in The Farmer that 
he was in love. He would say things like..."I love that she is always happy!"...
"I love that she is always so kind"...and he began to think about marriage. 
 At the end of the Spring semester he left for Texas to work. One afternoon I got a text from 
The said..."I kind of bought a wedding ring" to which I responded...
"you either did or you didn't...there is no "kind of" which he replied...
"I did." We were thrilled!!! So happy with his decision and who he had chosen. 
 He planned the week to come home...that's where he wanted to be when he proposed to her
...and began to come up with the perfect proposal. The plan was put in place. 
 His Girl would fly to Mesa where Grandma S. would pick her up and drive her to Mexico. 
 A great excuse to have the Grandma there too! Once there Uncle Dave would take 
her on a plane ride along with PreSh and The Rooster. They would circle the Colonia Juarez 
temple and then they would fly over a special message that was written out for her on 
Grandpa Max's old runway. They would then fly back to Uncle Ron's runway where 
they would land, and The Boy would be waiting surrounded by family.

So off they went....

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Boy Is Has Found His Girl....

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Messages From The Chalkboard....

photo (1)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sis. Precious Overload!


 Sis. Precious overload! 
She is amazing! 
 She is now training a new Sister!
 I can't believe we are going on 8 months!! Yippee!!! She is a perfect joy!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Muddy Adventures...


One thing we know for sure, is that The Rooster loves to have alot of fun! 
He has great friends and they love a good adventure together. 
A few weeks back, The Rooster gathered his dear friends and they set out for a day 
of 4 wheeler riding. He asked if he might "borrow" the UTV The Farmer gave to 
me for Christmas. We agreed...they gathered some snacks and sodas and took off. 
Not too long after they were gone, one of the girls in the group 
posted this picture on Facebook...
where I saw it....;)


 And there it is! STUCK!!! 
I didn't call The Rooster...I just prayed that he would figure it out without 
damaging the vehicle. Well...they tried...and tried... and failed and failed. 
 They didn't ask for help...but returned to our home to get a truck in hopes of 
pulling the UTV out. And then more time passes. Until now it is dark. 
 The friends had built a fire to stay warm. 
 Finally I said to The Farmer... "don't you think we should call to see if they need help...?" 
and he said "No...let them figure it out."
 Finally more time got later and later and The Farmer gave in. 
 He called The Rooster, figured out their location and headed to pull them out. 
 Now stuck...the UTV, a 4 wheeler, and The Rooster's truck.


 The Farmer wasn't gone too long. 
 Turns out...he was able to pull them all out pretty quickly. 
 After he returned I ask him how it all went and this was his reply... 
"There wasn't one functioning brain in the whole group!"
 That was his summary. The kids???..
.They had a fantastic time! In fact...they all gathered to have dinner together,
 even though they were covered with mud. 
It was an experience that won't soon be forgotten!!