Day 1, Alaskan Adventure...Train Ride To Seward, Alaska...

July 22, 2016

Day 1 of the Alaskan Adventure... 
We arrived at the hotel in Anchorage around 2:00 am. Everyone exhausted, 
but happy with the cool temperatures. Uncle Nate and Aunt Jen had arrived earlier in the day. 
We slept for just a couple of hours then boarded a passenger 
train to Seward, Alaska. We were all so tired, 
but excited for the adventure that was ahead of us.
  IMG_3610IMG_3599 IMG_3598 IMG_7660 IMG_3747 

 The scenery was breathtaking! 
 We soaked it all up! The landscape...the wildlife...the streams...the glaciers... 
It was all beyond amazing!

We had a great time together! 
 The train ride was 4 hours long...worth every minute! 
They served a fun breakfast along with great commentary along the way,  
Teaching us about Alaska. We had time to visit... pictures and tease each other.
 It was a great time!!
  IMG_7624IMG_7616 IMG_7628 IMG_7646 IMG_3758 IMG_3606 IMG_3761 IMG_3742 IMG_3756 IMG_7635 IMG_3608

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