March 31, 2010

Saturday morning began early....
It started with a suprise visitor from my childhood....
and then continued with a family trip to the mountiain for a very literal treasure hunt.
(more on that later)
We could not go to the mountains without a lunch, and because the morning had been
taken up with alot of visitng, The Farmer suggested that we pick up some
TORTAS and TOSTADAS on the way.

013 a favorite place in the whole world for a
People have been known to fly their small planes....into our little town....just for a
This place is located in the "centro" which is the center of town. It is the closest thing that we have to fast food. We pull up in front of the store, and a little guy runs out to your truck to take your order. You place your order, and he runs back in and begins to make your order.
*just a side note that will not mean anything to anyone but me.....
the place next door...Mundo's....was the place my kids all recieved their first haircuts....
we went there for years and the same ladies cut The Darlings hair.
Another joy of a small town!
What is a TORTA??
It is a Bolio (bread) with a layer of,
Sliced Pork
Pickled Jalapeno
Sliced Tomato
Lots of Avocado
then the other end of the Bolil, which has mayo and mustard again.

A TOSTADA, would be all of the same ingredients,
but instead of the bolio, all of the yummy goodness would
be held together with two fried corn tortillas.

Each are hand made to order.
Because we had other family members along with us, our order was around 25
TORTAS/TOSTADS, and I will say that they had them made and out to our truck faster than
most fast food places in the U.S.

While we were waiting for our order, The Farmer suggested that I go inside and photograph the process of the TORTA/TOSTADA, being made. When I asked the owner if that would be possible, he smiled a huge smile and said with gusto, "Si!"
So I began taking pictures......
I guys were a little shy at first....but they settled in quickly. I could hear the other workers in the back laughing and teasing the guys in the front....
They all laughed.
When I asked them if they would all like their pictures taken, they lined up quickly....
and they smiled big!
(I am having pictures printed to take to them)
A trip to our area would not be complete without a TORTA/TOSTADA!
It is a taste of Mexico.....

This Is What Hope Looks Like.....

March 26, 2010

My creation
A trip to the farm today....with The Farmer....and this is what we found.
Many signs of HOPE.
When you are a farmer, this is the best time of year!
It is the time when HOPE abounds. Seeds are planted. Ground is prepared.
The peach blossoms are fantastic. There is a hint of pink over our whole area.
And how can you not be happy when pink is everywhere!
The Farmer checked the peach blossoms (more on that later) to see how we faired through some recent, very cold, nights. At this point things look good.....
but it may be too soon to know.
And so we PRAY!
The wind was especially bad today, it started on "The Morning Walk"
We came home wind beaten and covered with dirt.
It was still worth it!
Even with terrible wind, the tractors worked to get the ground ready for planting.

Newly planted rows, getting their first watering.
Water is a beautiful site around is life to a farmer.

When The Darlings came in from school today, they found this bouquet of peach blossoms, and this is what they said....
"How could you Mom????, each of those flowers were supposed to be a peach!"
The Farmer has taught them well!
AND WE HOPE...............

A Family Tree....

March 25, 2010

I love the idea of a visual family tree!
I have searched and searched for the "right" one for our family, a representation of us!
While in the process.....The Farmer's mother....who is a wonderful artist also fell in love with the idea and began to think about actually painting a family tree on the wall of her new home.
Her idea was to actually write the name of each family member on a branch or limb, so that each time they visited her, they could find their name on the family tree.

How great for children....and visually see that they belong to something so special as
a family, and that each and every part works together to make something great!
I can't wait to see what she comes up. Hopefully she will paint it herself, that would make it ever more special! These are all ideas that I love!


This quilt is really great! The leaves have the names of each family member.

I really liked this as well. Again, the leaves have the name of each family member as well as the year the family was established.
This tree is in our laundry room. It has been soooo fun to have! Each member of the family
added leaves, even The Farmer. There were so many leaves, it took a few days
to get them on the tree. We love it!
This is a family tree that I found at Deseret Book. It is one that you make yourself,
and personalize with your family names. There is plenty of room to add names
for future family additions......but not for awhile;)
If you have fun family tree ideas.....please share!

Messages From The Chalkboard....

March 23, 2010

Found on the chalkboard......
When no one was looking it appeared.
One of the teenage friends that was in and our of the house through the weekend commented
on how "The Chalkboard" has changed the way we communicate in our home.
For example, The Farmer and I actually had a discussion....
well, really it was a difference of opinion, on "The Chalkboard," we ended up
using up the whole thing before our "discussion" was done. We called it
Chalkboard Therapy!
That stayed on the board for a few hours, then the next time we walked into
the kitchen area, the chalkboard had changed again.....
something for everyone was found there.
"I know who I am" was for everyone....and there is a story behind that one....
The Fighting Rooster....
The Boy...a.k.a.......Bubba......
and his dog (really it is dogs)

And PreShie.....her beloved Meow Meow.
We have a bit of a joke in our house that involves PreShie, Meow Meow and a Semi Truck...
So the picture was perfect!
For me....
K + S .....was more than enough~
The Farmer and I took a drive yesterday....a long one.....
and it gave us a chance to just talk, which was really great! Our lives don't allow for too much
"just talking," so it made me happy. He doesn't like it when I talk about him here...but
I do just want to say, that I appreciate his stability and his wisdom. He is such a
peaceful person, and when life gets a little crazy, like is has this past week, he has this
amazing ability to calm the storm. With his calm....he calms the rest of us who are around
him. He makes hard things manageable. When he says,
Everything Will Be Alright.......I believe him.....we all do!
The Boy was in charge of FHE last night. Because of the long drive...The Farmer and I arrived
home a little late, but still planning on gathering for FHE. I had talked with The Boy
several times during the evening and he assured me that everything was taken care of.
So when we got home, The Farmer called The Darlings together to begin FHE, and
they announced that The Boy had already sat them down, shared a story that was meaningful to him, and talked about scripture heros, that although they made mistakes,
they were still instruments in the Lord's hands.
The Darlings.....having FHE on their own.....
who knew it was possible~
This week has been full of learning most weeks are......
and that is okay with me. I love the song from Rascal Flatts.....Stand
It says just what I feel,
Cause when push comes to shove.... You taste what you're made of
You might bend, till you break....Cause its all you can take
On your knees you look up....Decide you've had enough
You get mad you get strong...Wipe your hands shake it off
Then you Stand,
Then you stand
A very dear friend told me a few days ago that she felt like a
Warrior Mother......
I love that! I do, often, feel that every good thing that The Darlings participate in, straps another piece of protective armor on them, each piece will strengthen and protect them a little more, for the battles of life.
Thank you to those of you who add protective pieces of "armor" to The Darlings, day in and day out. They know who is who;) and they love you for it~ A very special thanks for that yummy plate of doughnuts Sunday night.....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!
They hit the more ways than one!!!!
And back to the messages from the chalkboard.....
We (I) know who we are!!

A Girl Can Dream....Can't She???

March 19, 2010

Ahhhh.....the bathtub......
We are getting ready to do a bathroom renovation/addition in the Master.
It might sound a little rough....but I have decided that want/NEED,
my own sanctuary. I NEED a great bathtub. Actually.....The Farmer agreed.
So, I have been looking for ideas, and these are a few that I found.
This first one I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
The white is lovely, and a chandelier is a MUST!
This is my FAVORITE!
The tub is so dreamy! The room is so soothing...
I am not too sure about bathing right in front of a large window.....

Love the tub.....again not too sure about the large window....
with no window coverings....
The Boy has been having some terrible back problems the last few days. The Dr.
suggested that he take epsom salt soaks in the which I said....
"seriously????, who has a tub that will hold this kid?"
Thanks to Aunt M. for lending her large really helped;)
And to my dear friend Pedaling......
I would love your suggestions on how to best accomodate the TALL folks...

Cute Boys....and....Cake!

March 18, 2010

My creation
For several weeks, The Farmer's Mother, had commented that basically the whole Aaronic Priesthood was made up of her posterity. She told the boys how proud it made her to see them fulfill their priesthood responsibilities each Sunday. It made the boys smile.
They LOVE their Grandma.
She has shown unbelieveable unconditional love toward all of her grandchildren, and
often found a way to laugh in moments I am sure she would have rather cried. Like the time The Boy and Cousin B. (they are 9 months apart), decided that they would go into her chicken coop to gather the eggs for her, and they left the gate open. Well, when you are a dog, and the chicken gate is left open, it is an invitation to a feast! Needless to say most of the chickens died that day. I think the boys were about 3 and 4 years old.
There are many other stories just like that one!
She has never showed anger toward this group of boys, she has only loved,
supported and encouraged them.
She is quick to bear her testimony of the things that mean the most to her,
and she very often tells each of her grandchildren how much she loves them.
She is a wonderful Grandma!
She asked for a picture of her grandsons;
4 Deacons, and 2 Priests, and they were happy to do it, after all, it was during Sunday School;)
When we were done taking the pictures......the boys quickly found their way into a nearby
Magnolia tree, that probably held their fathers when they were that age.
It seemed like the right moment to climb....after all, it was during Sunday School!;)
Now.....for the cake!
I found this recipe at Becoming Betty, and it does not disappoint! I made a few small changes, just to make it a little more lemony!

Lemon Cake:
1 yellow cake mix (a lemon cake mix would be great too!)
1 small pkg. lemon instant pudding mix
4 eggs
1 cup sour cream
2 tsp. vanilla
3/4 cup oil
1 T. lemon zest

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Pour into greased bundt pan and bake at 325 degrees for 40 to 45 minutes. Let cool. Slice and serve with sauce.


1 cup sour cream
1 T. grated lemon peel
1/4 c. lemon juice
1 cup powdered sugar

Combine all ingredients and stir until smooth

Lemons are not typically sold in my area, but limes are, so I replaced the lemon juice
and zest with lime juice and zest. I was amazing!
I can't wait to try it with lemon, I am sure it will be great too!


March 15, 2010

Oh they are tasty.....yes they are!!
We just ended the stake basketball tournament for the is always a great time.
Not a far cry from the movie "Church Ball"...I mean, there is a reason that they made the movie, right??? It is always fun for us to watch The Boy and PreShie play.... and who knew
that The Rooster would have such a great time too! He's a crowd pleaser, that Rooster....
he had alot of people cheering for him, even the opposing team;)
The Farmer came home from "the games" one evening grinning from ear to ear...and so I had to ask...."what's got you so happy??" to which he answered....
"they have them at the games.....oh I really like Chilindrinas, let's go get one...."
and so we did. We went to "the games" for the sole purpose of getting a
They are not found has to be a basketball tournament....a fundraiser at the school....or some other similar gathering. I might add, that Saturday night, I did scout out a location that does sell them year round.....Horray!
(if you need to know where...give me a ring....hehe....)
If you are wondering......
"What exactly is a CHILINDRINA???"
here you go....

003 Layer #1 - a pasta like sheet of goodness that has been cooked in the microwave until it puffs up,
we call them- chicharon - which is actually fried pig skin....this is a fake chicharon....
Layer #2 - you can choose refried beans....or not....
Layer #3 - avocado
Layer #4 - shredded lettuce
Layer #5 - finely diced cucumber (I always order extra)
Layer #6 - finely diced tomato
Layer #7 - a dribble or two of cream....not sour cream....CREAM
Layer #8 - Valentina - chile sauce - as much as you would like....(I take just a little.)
And there you have it....
perfect yumminess!!

If you are wondering why I didn't post a picture of me eating my CHILINDRINA....
well, it was because I had it all over me! With each bite more and more....fell on the floor....
on was all over my hands.... and all over my was everywhere!
But, oh, was it worth it!
Horray for the
(another yummy taste of Mexico!)

The Bitter And The Sweet....

March 13, 2010

The Bitter.......
It's smudging season...
(when the trees have to be protected from frost)
That in itself is rough enough....
but a major pipe, breaking in the night....when you NEED water to protect the trees,
is about as bad as it gets!

The Boy was out with the men....ALL....night long, watching the temperature in the orchards.
Sometimes things go very wrong in the middle of the night....and you find yourself working
as if it were the middle of the day. Last night was one of those nights.
Equipment broke.....
pipes burst.....
you get the idea.
The day was filled with repairs by the men....and The Boy....
who were very, very tired.......who had no sleep.....who had to get things ready for
another night of cold.
It's smudging season. It is a little bitter.
The Sweet......
The ordchards are starting to bloom, and they are the most glorious color of pink!
Spring is near!
And this is why we guard these beautiful flowers in hopes that we will
be picking peaches in a couple of months.
It is one of the most beautiful things I have seen....
and orchard in full bloom and I look forward to this time, each year.
This was pretty darn sweet too!
While I was taking pictures of the peach blossoms.....I noticed The Rooster checking on the horses. They quickly came to the fence when they saw him. They like that Rooster!
It was a moment that none of them....The Rooster or the horses....knew that they were being watched. Those are the best moments!
Very sweet!

The Morning Walk....

March 11, 2010

My creation

This is how I start my day....everyday.
It has been happening for many, many years.
The Morning Walk has become a bit of a ritual for me. It keeps me sane.
I began The Morning Walk, when I moved here several years ago. I walked before I had children, while I was pregnant, and after each one was born. Many mornings I bundled a baby for The Morning Walk. When The Darlings were small, The Farmer thought I should have a jogging stroller, so the walk would be a little easier. So for a few years, that stroller was part of The Morning Walk.
We have laughed, we have cried, we have shared our deepest worries and our greatest joys, on The Morning Walk.
Although this all began in the name of exercise, it has done so much more for me through the years. A brisk walk in the fresh morning air is the perfect start to the day. Somehow things are more manageable after The Morning Walk.
A permanant fixture on this walk has always been our dogs. Our family (extended) loves dogs.
Our dogs....LOVE.....The Morning Walk too.
I can hear them, about the time the sun comes up, anxious to get out on the walk.
Yesterday, as we began The Walk, The Farmer's Mother shared the events of the night before,
when her beloved Lucy dog, passed away. She has had that dog since The Farmer's Father died 15 years ago. This wennine dog has been a member of this family for a long time.
A funeral was held, the grandkids attended, they all paid tribute to this dog, (who
had bitten all of them atleast once), who had been a loyal companion to The Farmer's Mother during some hard times. She said, to her it was the end of an era.
I remember hearing cousin Cathy talk about her years of walking, the miles that were covered and the friendships that were made on those walks. We often run into other cousins while we walk. We miss them when they are right now;)
For me, what started as a form of physical exercise has ended up as exercise for my soul.
Dear Walking Partners....
Thank you for lending an ear,
sheding and occasional tear,
offering words of encouragement,
thanks for making me walk a little faster....
and thanks for just getting up!
I do love you both!

Also discovered on the morning walk, were the new peach blossoms of this season.
They were beautiful!
(I thought I should add the names of the will be fun to remember....)
My dogs....White German Shepherds...
Boss(the Dad)
Bolt and Bridget
Grandma C.'s dogs - Weinnie Dogs....
Lulu and Mimi
Aunt S.'s dogs - Golden Retiever and a Weinnie..
Bently and Fisher...
Peneolpe....a.k.a. Penny

More on ...."Prom Week".....

March 9, 2010

It was a fun....busy and eventful "Prom Week" for The Boy!
It began on Sunday night, when the word spread that school had been cancelled for two days because the school had no electricity.....hummmm.....
Monday morning brought an overnight trip to the Ranch,
Tuesday...a trip to El Paso....some dinner...a movie....
Wednesday....a trip to the airport to pick up Lexie...
(The Boy's date for the prom)
Wednesday Basketball games.....(and a win) for the dance....
Thursday evening....yummy tacos!
Friday....more decorating.....horseback styling.....fancy dinner....wonderful friends...
beautiful dresses....handsome young men.....a very well done floor show....lots of laughs....
dancing with The Farmer......and The Boy.....watching beautiful PreShie, having a great time....
The theme of the evening....
"A Night At The Oscars"
It was a fantastic night!!!
Saturday.....more Basketball games....another trip to the ranch on the 4-wheelers......
a house full of great friends.....a trip to the temple for baptisms.....
Sunday...another trip to El Paso, to return Lexie to the airport.....
and a BIG LONG NAP!!!!


PreShie looked beautiful!
She and Cousin N. went together....had a lovely dinner at a nearby restuarant....

My creation

The Boy wore white Van's with his tux.... vans with her dress.....
Dane....the best boots ever!
Morganne....very pretty Converse.....

My creation
The Jr. Prom is a community event here......all of the parents of the Juniors were there to watch
the kids do their floor was darling! They did a great job.

My creation
The week was wonderful!

The Boy's Jr. Prom......Week.....

March 9, 2010


I {heart} Cousins! and A Little Marriage Advice...

March 1, 2010

What to do on a Saturday night???
Why, paint your toenails and watch a movie, of course....
Oh, and
paint The Boy's toenails too!
And so the cousins gathered and painted.....


Another, who would like to remain nameless.....
the end result!
While the painting was going on our Jonathan came over....
He is a cute boy and we love him!
So, The Farmer had a project going, and needed a little help.
Jona, and The Boy were willing...and jumped in.
Well, Jona was willing....The Boy....not so much...
Anyway....when the project was through The Farmer offered a little advice, to Jona and The Boy, for a successful marriage......

(Jona and The Boy)
"If you want your wife to be really happy buy her a nice washer and dryer."

.....The Farmer's Wife is HAPPY!

The chalkboard wall is a complete SUCCESS!!!
It is just what I imagined.....
everyone that stops by leaves a fun note,
and The Farmer draws the best pictures....
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