March 15, 2010

Oh they are tasty.....yes they are!!
We just ended the stake basketball tournament for the is always a great time.
Not a far cry from the movie "Church Ball"...I mean, there is a reason that they made the movie, right??? It is always fun for us to watch The Boy and PreShie play.... and who knew
that The Rooster would have such a great time too! He's a crowd pleaser, that Rooster....
he had alot of people cheering for him, even the opposing team;)
The Farmer came home from "the games" one evening grinning from ear to ear...and so I had to ask...."what's got you so happy??" to which he answered....
"they have them at the games.....oh I really like Chilindrinas, let's go get one...."
and so we did. We went to "the games" for the sole purpose of getting a
They are not found has to be a basketball tournament....a fundraiser at the school....or some other similar gathering. I might add, that Saturday night, I did scout out a location that does sell them year round.....Horray!
(if you need to know where...give me a ring....hehe....)
If you are wondering......
"What exactly is a CHILINDRINA???"
here you go....

003 Layer #1 - a pasta like sheet of goodness that has been cooked in the microwave until it puffs up,
we call them- chicharon - which is actually fried pig skin....this is a fake chicharon....
Layer #2 - you can choose refried beans....or not....
Layer #3 - avocado
Layer #4 - shredded lettuce
Layer #5 - finely diced cucumber (I always order extra)
Layer #6 - finely diced tomato
Layer #7 - a dribble or two of cream....not sour cream....CREAM
Layer #8 - Valentina - chile sauce - as much as you would like....(I take just a little.)
And there you have it....
perfect yumminess!!

If you are wondering why I didn't post a picture of me eating my CHILINDRINA....
well, it was because I had it all over me! With each bite more and more....fell on the floor....
on was all over my hands.... and all over my was everywhere!
But, oh, was it worth it!
Horray for the
(another yummy taste of Mexico!)


Pedaling said...

that looks delicious!
my kids would love it too!

Jeff's Wife! said...

I've never even heard of a chilindrina before and I grew up in Mexico for how long??!?!?!

Cathy said...

Is that what those are called ??? I never knew and I have never tasted one! Guess I'm gonna have to now!

Nandoism™ said...

wow, these look amazing. I was just on the phone with my cousin who lives in Mexico and was telling me all about this new food craze! I googled, and you popped up! Nice shots, now I know how chilindrinas are supposed to look like.

hoffmann55 said...

These do taste amazing I love them!!!

Unknown said...

Why is it called like that.. the girl from chivo del ocho, why they name it after her?!

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