This Is What Hope Looks Like.....

March 26, 2010

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A trip to the farm today....with The Farmer....and this is what we found.
Many signs of HOPE.
When you are a farmer, this is the best time of year!
It is the time when HOPE abounds. Seeds are planted. Ground is prepared.
The peach blossoms are fantastic. There is a hint of pink over our whole area.
And how can you not be happy when pink is everywhere!
The Farmer checked the peach blossoms (more on that later) to see how we faired through some recent, very cold, nights. At this point things look good.....
but it may be too soon to know.
And so we PRAY!
The wind was especially bad today, it started on "The Morning Walk"
We came home wind beaten and covered with dirt.
It was still worth it!
Even with terrible wind, the tractors worked to get the ground ready for planting.

Newly planted rows, getting their first watering.
Water is a beautiful site around is life to a farmer.

When The Darlings came in from school today, they found this bouquet of peach blossoms, and this is what they said....
"How could you Mom????, each of those flowers were supposed to be a peach!"
The Farmer has taught them well!
AND WE HOPE...............


Pedaling said...

yes, beautiful hope.

Trisha said...

You have to be one to understand.
(farmer) Well put!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Another beautiful photography post. I linked to this one from my blog.

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