A Little Holiday Cheer....

December 21, 2012


The beginning of the holiday partying...began Monday night for FHE. If left to the adults...I think a few of the holiday activities would be done away with, but...since the kids are really in charge around here... everyday is a holiday party!!!

The family gathered...loaded up and headed into the streets of Dublan, ready to sing a holiday song or two. The Farmer has been very sick, and was a great sport to come along...
even if he stayed in warm car.
We sang some favorite songs...had some laughs and hopefully spread a little Christmas cheer!;)
(Uncle Merriner and Aunt Winnie)
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And when it was all said and done...we ended the evening with some
Hot Chocolate and doughnuts!

A "New" Rooster....

December 19, 2012

I think he thought this day would never come.... In fact...I am pretty sure that he said
 those very words over....and over...and over...
It has been a very long journey...
Yesterday was the day. The Rooster literally ran to his appointment...
And this is how he came home!!! PreShie was sooooo excited for him, that she too went to his appointment with him...so see the final results. When they arrived home...PreShie announced...
"He doesn't look like a little boy anymore!!!"
I think she was kind of sad about that;)
*just a funny side note...after the braces were off, the dentist as trying to make
and impression of his teeth for his retainer.
He loaded the "tray" with the gooey stuff to make the mold and
shoved it into The Rooster's mouth...it wasn't but just a minute
or two, that the Dr. realized The Rooster was gagging...
he is a gagger, that Rooster;)  The dentist told The Rooster to
breathe through his nose...but...it was too late!
The Rooster threw-up all over himself and the Dr.....twice!
They finally got the impression made...and The Rooster
arrived at home...shirtless!

Missionary Monday....24 Years!!!

December 17, 2012


Shear wedded bliss, I tell you....
Shear wedded bliss!
Here's to the next 24 +...


Dinner Appointment....On A Houseboat...

December 11, 2012


This past week The Missionary Boy sent the SD card from his camera. It is such a treat when one arrives!!!! The Farmer, The Darlings and I sit around the computer analyzing each picture and soaking up each little video clip. Oh what a treat!! The Missionary Boy has told us about a very special couple who have been so kind to he and Elder Snow...his companion. They invite them to dinner often.
 The extra special treat is that the kind family live on a houseboat!


How grateful I am as a Missionary Mom...for people like these...who care for and love our Missionary Boy! He sure does love them back...by the way;)


For The Rooster....


The Missionary Boy has been fantastic about taking pictures on his mission! They will be a treasure to him when he is home...and a few years have passed. They are a treasure to me now!!

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Mistletoe...The Hunt...

December 10, 2012

The Darlings love it when The Farmer talks about his childhood. He had adventures that kids dream about and mother's worry about. Sometimes I wish he didn't share so much...it gives The Darlings ideas...and justification;) On more than one occasion The Missionary Boy was overheard saying..."This is nothing compared to the things you did as a kid, Dad!" And really, what could The Farmer say???? After all, The Missionary Boy was most often right;) The Farmer's middle name was and sometimes still is...mischief or what he calls...healthy curiosity.
Because Christmas is nearing...The Farmer was reminded of his own youth, at this time of year. He began telling The Darlings about heading to the river, guns loaded, on horseback...on the hunt for Mistletoe. Yes...Mistletoe.
Mistletoe grows abundantly in the tops of the Cottonwood trees that line the river near our home. As soon as the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, it becomes very obvious the large amounts of Mistletoe that is present in each tree.
As a child, The Farmer would spend hours and lots of bullets shooting the Mistletoe from the tree tops and would proudly carry it home to his mother.
Saturday morning, The Rooster announced that he too would like to shoot some Mistletoe from the trees and what time could we leave on the "hunt." After a little breakfast... we loaded into The Farmer's truck, guns...cousins...and PreShie...and headed for the perfect location...The Sol.
The shooting began...the mistletoe began to fall from the tree tops and the back of The Farmer's truck started to fill up with Mistletoe.  After a successful hunt...The Rooster and Cousin D. delivered large
amounts of Mistletoe to The Farmer's Mother...who when shared it will all the family.  Now
hanging in opportune locations in each home...the mistletoe is ready to do it's job...
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Missionary Sons....(Plural)...

December 8, 2012


He came into our lives several years back. The Missionary Boy could see a young man who needed, very simply, a lunch at school each day. He asked if I could make another, after all I was already making lunches for The Darlings. I said sure. And then he became ours. Without a father, and many other family challenges, Mijo was just trying to survive...and he was doing a pretty good job of it. He has a special way with people. He is an extra ordinary young man. As the years passed...we became more and more attached. He to us...and us to him. He became our son. He also became a brother to The Darlings...a brother they needed. He encouraged them. He listened to them. He loved them...and they loved him. They still love him. They will always love him. Mijo and The Missionary Boy both received and opened their mission calls the very same day. They left for the mission field only two days apart, and they will come home together as well! They were meant to be brothers...those two.
  It was always our plan...The Farmer and I...to have a large family.  But what we thought was "our plan" didn't turn out to be... "our plan." I will forever be grateful to Heavenly Father for sending "children" our way...into our home...for us to love. For filling our lives with wonderful family and friends who have very much become our children. Who we love like children.
 Our Mijo is one of those very special people.
 What began as a project to help him, quickly turned and became a project to help us.
  He will forever be our Mijo!
Auntie and her husband have been living in Ecuador for the past several months as directors of an orphanage. The night before they were to leave Ecuador for the States, they had a little time in the city of Quito, the city that our Mijo is currently serving his mission. With the help of some members there, they were able to locate Mijo and spend a few minutes with him. When Auntie sent a picture...it brought me to tears! I am so grateful that they were able to see him and give him a very big hug from home. A few days later Mijo sent me this picture (above), it was titled...
"me and Tia Beth" (me and my Aunt Beth). He has taken us ALL as his family.
This week, ...he sent me this photo. It was titled..."Elders Jones" and with it he wrote...
"Mommy, it is me and my brother!!" He had made a little poster with pictures of he and The Missionary Boy. I love how he carefully colored it!! Oh how we love our Mijo!!!
  What an incredible blessing he has been and will continue to be to our family!!

The Rooster...And Christmas...

December 5, 2012

photo (24)
The Rooster is a boy who LOVES Christmas! He is the one who keeps us all committed to the traditions that we put in place years ago. As I began decorating our house, he was sure to let me know, that I had done enough, and that HE would be the one to finish decorating the "Santa" tree.
And he did!!
  photo (26)
Monday night for FHE, he finished the tree, and it is perfection!! He remembers each and every ornament, and asks for the ones that he doesn't find right away. I love that he is thinking and planning gifts for his family and friends. I especially love that he put alot of thought into his gift selection for his Missionary Brother. There is so much more I could write about how enjoys Christmas...but I am sure that he wouldn't appreciate that too much;) So I will simply say...
  I love, that he still LOVES Christmas!!
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