Dinner Appointment....On A Houseboat...

December 11, 2012


This past week The Missionary Boy sent the SD card from his camera. It is such a treat when one arrives!!!! The Farmer, The Darlings and I sit around the computer analyzing each picture and soaking up each little video clip. Oh what a treat!! The Missionary Boy has told us about a very special couple who have been so kind to he and Elder Snow...his companion. They invite them to dinner often.
 The extra special treat is that the kind family live on a houseboat!


How grateful I am as a Missionary Mom...for people like these...who care for and love our Missionary Boy! He sure does love them back...by the way;)


For The Rooster....


The Missionary Boy has been fantastic about taking pictures on his mission! They will be a treasure to him when he is home...and a few years have passed. They are a treasure to me now!!

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Pedaling said...

he's got that creative eye, doesn't he?
work, fun, work, love, fun, service and adventure.
I'm looking forward to doing this someday!

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