The Rooster...And Christmas...

December 5, 2012

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The Rooster is a boy who LOVES Christmas! He is the one who keeps us all committed to the traditions that we put in place years ago. As I began decorating our house, he was sure to let me know, that I had done enough, and that HE would be the one to finish decorating the "Santa" tree.
And he did!!
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Monday night for FHE, he finished the tree, and it is perfection!! He remembers each and every ornament, and asks for the ones that he doesn't find right away. I love that he is thinking and planning gifts for his family and friends. I especially love that he put alot of thought into his gift selection for his Missionary Brother. There is so much more I could write about how enjoys Christmas...but I am sure that he wouldn't appreciate that too much;) So I will simply say...
  I love, that he still LOVES Christmas!!

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Pedaling said...

this is how it should be.
so great that not only does he enjoy but he is a helper, too.

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