Christmas Is On The Way!!!...

November 29, 2012


One of the funnest things of having the Missionary Boy on a mission, has been the panning and preparing of the packages that we send to him. The planning for the Christmas package begins very early for me. I guess I need him to know that, although we wouldn't want him anywhere else...we still miss him and think of him very often. I try to mix needs...wants..and a little fun in the packages. And always...I include something for his companion. This year I sent the Missionary Boy a little letter, asking him what he might enjoy or need for Christmas this year. When he wrote back his list looked like this... some jerky for a man in his ward who has helped him alot, some pictures of his horses...and oh yes...the family;) and that is about it!


So, we worked hard to package up as much love as we could possibly get into a box!
Treats....hand written letters...funny notes, lots, and lots of love!


Also included was a handmade garland, with messages on each part of the chain from friends, family and cousins. It will be a touch of cheer for his "flat." (apartment)

And off it far away England! Hopefully the Missionary Boy will feel our
love for him this holiday season!

1 comment :

BAS said...

Holy Schnikes! That may be the greatest care packages ever assembled (at least in this dispensation).

What are you going to send him for Easters?

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