November 27, 2012


A few notable events in November.... The Rooster wrecked The Farmer's truck. The damage was minimal to both cars. No one was hurt, for which we are very grateful...just the pride of The Rooster. If it had to happened under the best circumstances possible;) And...yes...we are grateful that
ALL things can be worked out in Mexico!;)


PreShie's entire Senior class attended Sadie Hawkins together. So the girls "asked" the guys in a big group too. The came to our house for pieces of the scavenger hunt they were on.
 They are a really great group of young men!!


Turns out...the night of Sadie's was the night of The Rooster's accident. He and a big group of kids were on their way to dinner and then the dance when the unfortunate event happened;)


The Senior class participated in an event they have every year, and Entrepreneur type of competition. Each team has to come up with a product to market and sell, and then they have to do just and sell it! They did a great job, with an incredible concept and ended up winning first place in a couple of the required areas of the competition. They did a great job!!


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