Cheer...Rooster...and...Wild Wolves....

November 28, 2012


It's a sight I just never tire of...the students at the JSA living, playing and learning in the shadow of the temple! Football is over...Watching PreShie cheer this year has been so much fun! It has been great to watch the cheerleaders build friendships and build a strong squad.


The be photographed! I sneak a few photos when he isn't looking;)


His cute friend isn't a fan of pictures either...


The Senior Flash Mod was a hit...even better the second time around!

 photo (28)

If I had to choose a favorite picture of the could possibly be this one! One of the Wild Wolves took a liking to The Rooster...even licking him to see if he would be a tasty morsel! It was the cutest sight ever...and I was sure glad That The Farmer was there to catch the moment!

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