The Pep Rally.....

November 16, 2012

046 really haven't lived unless you have attended a Homecoming Pep Rally at the JSA! It is alot of fun!!....and it is REALLY loud.


PreShie spent a little time on the microphone..not her favorite...but she did great!!


The Mighty Seniors!

The Wild Sophomores...including..but not seen...The Rooster!


A "Flash Mob" dance by the cheerleaders and the Senior was great!


A very, very special surprise by The Farmer!
A couple of months ago...while on an afternoon drive, The Farmer decided to show me some real life Lobos...that his good friend was keeping as pets. They are kept in a very large cage, with lots of space to move around...and they are really well cared for...but...they are wild! It was at the moment that The Farmer got the great idea that PreShie should take the Wild Lobos to the school during Homecoming week for the students to enjoy;) Well...I personally wasn't too sure about the idea, because...the combination of teenagers and Wild Lobos...just didn't seem like a good mix! Anyway...The Farmer insisted and put his plan into motion. He had planned to have them ride in the Homecoming Parade...but that didn't work the next best thing was the Pep Rally. He just wasn't too sure how they would behave indoors...
with a group a screaming teenagers....


The Farmer arrived after the Pep Rally had started. He came to the back door of the gym, with the Wild Lobos...and their handler. I had a chance to see them before the rest of the crowd saw them. The handler told me they were tame and so I began to pet the female..whose name is Lilla. Wow, was she sweet! As I was petting her...she started to lick my face...and I am sure as I was thinking about how sweet she was...
she was thinking "lunch!" Not really!;)


PreShie asked the entire student body to be quiet...there was going to be a very special surprise. At that time everyone stopped talking and in walked The Farmer...The Wild Lobos...and the handler. You could have heard a pin drop in that gym filled with teenagers! It was incredible.
They had never seen a "live" Lobo before. It was fun to see their awe.


Can I just say...The Farmer was REALLY enjoying himself!


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Pedaling said...

Wow, that's really cool!

Always full of fun and making life good! That's the way to live life!

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