Thanksgiving...And...Missionary Monday!

November 26, 2012


We had such a great Thanksgiving! We returned home last night from spending a few days with the Grandparents S. and the rest of family. It is always a treat to see the family...we do have a great time together! The Brotherhood (my brothers) are some pretty impressive men! I sure do love them!!


Next Thanksgiving...I will have the Missionary Boy home;) Imagine that!!! The Gratitude Tree came down is always good fun to see what The Darlings write each day. Some days they mock me...I is hard to believe that they would do that...but it does happen! Most days they really do write some heartfelt notes of gratitude. Those are good moments for a Mom;)


It's a little's still The Missionary Boy!!! A great letter today... BIG changes in the mission...and great learning for The Missionary Boy!! Oh how I love missions!!!!


This is what my house looks like most Monday mornings! We love it!!! Today Breakfast = 2 dozen eggs, 4 packages of sausage, 1 gallon of milk, 1 gallon of OJ, 1 loaf of bread for toast, bottled peaches, cinnamon rolls and all the other fixings;) Following breakfast...a little laundry...a friendly game or two of pool or maybe a church movie or two! We sure love having the Elders around!!


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