She's An Aggie Now!

August 29, 2013

DSC_8738 copy
Our beautiful Precious left Sunday for college.
It was a very full weekend for us. As we welcomed home The Missionary Boy,
we said good-bye to our PreShie.
 It was too much emotion for me!!
She packed and packed, until he had everything ready to go.
I hope it all fits in her new home;)
Her brothers and a very dear friend packed her car.
 And because of their amazing packing skills...everything fit!!;)
Then came time to say good-bye...there were lot of tears...
a few laughs, but mostly tears;)
Saying good-bye to The Rooster was especially tender. She cried...he cried...
 These two have been a great team for the last few years.
 She loves him very very much!
Saying good-bye to a brother who just got home, was prety sad too!
 But...saying good-bye to The Farmer was the saddest of all!
He was sad...she was sad...after she climbed into her car and drove away, he said..
."she was just here... and now she is gone!"
He has been very sad since she left.
Those two have a special connection!
Although sad to see her go, I know that she is ready to emabark on this next chapter of her life.
She is not only beautiful, she is strong.
And she is prepared!
Go Aggies!!

He's Home!!!

August 28, 2013

There aren't words sufficient to describe the joy of welcoming the Missionary Boy...
now Man...back home, He is a complete delight!
Oh, we have missed him! I have so much to write about...
such a full and beautiful weekend. PreShie left us for college...
we welcomed one home as another left...
I wish they could all stay home for a little while...all together.
They are turning into such nice people...those Darlings of mine!;)
 I am so grateful!!

The Rooster....And...Pure Joy!

August 19, 2013

The Rooster's Summer has been full of spearfishing.
He saved a little money and purchased the necessary "gear."
Most trips to various nearby ponds have been unproductive...
But it really is the process that is so fun for The Rooster and The Cousins.
Gathering the "gear"...getting a few snacks together...
The planning...the preparing...
moving from pond to pond... in search of the "Big One."
Finally, on Saturday, while all the other cousins were busy with different activities...
The Rooster headed to a nearby pond to see what he could get.
Spearfishing has become an addiction for him;
) IMG_0209
After an hour or so, he called to ask where I was.
He said he was heading home and I needed to get here quick...
He had found and speared the..."BIG ONE"!!!! He said it was the biggest fish he had ever seen!
He was shocked himself!!
It was big alright!
Even The Farmer was impressed...he kept saying...
"That is a really big fish!!"
They attempted to weigh it...on a bathroom scale...;)
And then they measured it... It was 23 inches long and once a different scale was located,
it was determined that it weighed 10 1/2 pounds!
Pure joy for The Rooster!!
The Farmer says The Rooster will always remember that day...
It will be a memory that will go with him into adulthood. Once the fish photo shoot was done...
The Rooster quickly made a deal with a local food place,
 and sold that beautiful Bass for $10 dollars and a few free meals!
 So off it went! It made me happy to see something so simple and pure,
as spearfishing...make a 16 year old boy very, very happy!

He's A Junior Now!

August 12, 2013

school 1
Well...The Rooster began his life as a high school "Junior" this morning!
Was he happy...not so much. Even if he were, I don't think he would tell me;)
It is part of being 16.
The Rooster was greeted this morning by a drawing made late last night by The Farmer.
Again...he couldn't admit it, but, The Rooster really liked the drawing;)
 school 4
He sure did look cute as he boarded the bus this morning.
 I tried my best to get a picture of the "bus boarding" moment... but I was forbidden;)
He is going to have a great year...I just know it!!
We sure do love that Rooster of ours!

Wednesday...and...A REALLY Big Fish!!!

August 11, 2013

pajarito 1

This is what Wednesday looked like!
The Rooster and I headed to the JSA, for registration.
He will be a Junior beginning Monday....WHAT???
Holy Smokes, that kid is cute! I sure do love him!
We have had so much rain in our area, that it is incredibly green.
Very unusual for us. I can't say that I have seen it this green around her in a very long time!

 river 2

 The river is running full and fast! Again, very unusual for our area.
We are enjoying the fantastic clouds, the beautiful greenery, and a running river, so very much!
 As we crossed the river on our way from the JSA today,
The Rooster stopped on the bridge and said...
"Mom...don't you want a picture of the river???"
A full river is a rarity around here!!

 Big fish 1

The Rooster and Cousin Jacko are enjoying their last moments of freedom before school starts again. The spend a little time most every day, doing a little spear fishing.
Unusually, they come home empty handed, with a great story about "the one that got away...."
but yesterday after a few hours in a local "preson" or reservoir, they returned home full of excitement, asking me to get the "good" camera, because I would believe what they had caught.

 Big fish 2

I think I said something like..."holy smokes..that is gross!"...but they were so thrilled
with themselves it was really fun! Cousin Jacko had gotten the "big one!"
They also told me that the owner of the reservoir told them, that if they would keep killing the large Carp...they would have a job! I can't say I have seen that much excitement in them in awhile! They are so cute! I love it that they find so much entertainment in a little spear fishing!
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