She's An Aggie Now!

August 29, 2013

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Our beautiful Precious left Sunday for college.
It was a very full weekend for us. As we welcomed home The Missionary Boy,
we said good-bye to our PreShie.
 It was too much emotion for me!!
She packed and packed, until he had everything ready to go.
I hope it all fits in her new home;)
Her brothers and a very dear friend packed her car.
 And because of their amazing packing skills...everything fit!!;)
Then came time to say good-bye...there were lot of tears...
a few laughs, but mostly tears;)
Saying good-bye to The Rooster was especially tender. She cried...he cried...
 These two have been a great team for the last few years.
 She loves him very very much!
Saying good-bye to a brother who just got home, was prety sad too!
 But...saying good-bye to The Farmer was the saddest of all!
He was sad...she was sad...after she climbed into her car and drove away, he said..
."she was just here... and now she is gone!"
He has been very sad since she left.
Those two have a special connection!
Although sad to see her go, I know that she is ready to emabark on this next chapter of her life.
She is not only beautiful, she is strong.
And she is prepared!
Go Aggies!!

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