Wednesday...and...A REALLY Big Fish!!!

August 11, 2013

pajarito 1

This is what Wednesday looked like!
The Rooster and I headed to the JSA, for registration.
He will be a Junior beginning Monday....WHAT???
Holy Smokes, that kid is cute! I sure do love him!
We have had so much rain in our area, that it is incredibly green.
Very unusual for us. I can't say that I have seen it this green around her in a very long time!

 river 2

 The river is running full and fast! Again, very unusual for our area.
We are enjoying the fantastic clouds, the beautiful greenery, and a running river, so very much!
 As we crossed the river on our way from the JSA today,
The Rooster stopped on the bridge and said...
"Mom...don't you want a picture of the river???"
A full river is a rarity around here!!

 Big fish 1

The Rooster and Cousin Jacko are enjoying their last moments of freedom before school starts again. The spend a little time most every day, doing a little spear fishing.
Unusually, they come home empty handed, with a great story about "the one that got away...."
but yesterday after a few hours in a local "preson" or reservoir, they returned home full of excitement, asking me to get the "good" camera, because I would believe what they had caught.

 Big fish 2

I think I said something like..."holy smokes..that is gross!"...but they were so thrilled
with themselves it was really fun! Cousin Jacko had gotten the "big one!"
They also told me that the owner of the reservoir told them, that if they would keep killing the large Carp...they would have a job! I can't say I have seen that much excitement in them in awhile! They are so cute! I love it that they find so much entertainment in a little spear fishing!

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Pedaling said...

Wow, this one will go down in the books! A legend!

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