Mistletoe...The Hunt...

December 10, 2012

The Darlings love it when The Farmer talks about his childhood. He had adventures that kids dream about and mother's worry about. Sometimes I wish he didn't share so much...it gives The Darlings ideas...and justification;) On more than one occasion The Missionary Boy was overheard saying..."This is nothing compared to the things you did as a kid, Dad!" And really, what could The Farmer say???? After all, The Missionary Boy was most often right;) The Farmer's middle name was and sometimes still is...mischief or what he calls...healthy curiosity.
Because Christmas is nearing...The Farmer was reminded of his own youth, at this time of year. He began telling The Darlings about heading to the river, guns loaded, on horseback...on the hunt for Mistletoe. Yes...Mistletoe.
Mistletoe grows abundantly in the tops of the Cottonwood trees that line the river near our home. As soon as the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, it becomes very obvious the large amounts of Mistletoe that is present in each tree.
As a child, The Farmer would spend hours and lots of bullets shooting the Mistletoe from the tree tops and would proudly carry it home to his mother.
Saturday morning, The Rooster announced that he too would like to shoot some Mistletoe from the trees and what time could we leave on the "hunt." After a little breakfast... we loaded into The Farmer's truck, guns...cousins...and PreShie...and headed for the perfect location...The Sol.
The shooting began...the mistletoe began to fall from the tree tops and the back of The Farmer's truck started to fill up with Mistletoe.  After a successful hunt...The Rooster and Cousin D. delivered large
amounts of Mistletoe to The Farmer's Mother...who when shared it will all the family.  Now
hanging in opportune locations in each home...the mistletoe is ready to do it's job...
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Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Oh, how fun is that!!! We have some growing in the cedar trees around...I must get some...I'm not sure I'll need to shoot it---but, maybe--hee hee..thanks for the delightful post...

Matt Skinner said...

Glad to see you've learned something from watching Duck Dynasty. Redneck isn't just American anymore.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Sounds like a cry for an invitation to come along Matt;) We will be sure to let you know when the next hunt will be...and yes...we do love us some Duck Dynasty;)

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