A "New" Rooster....

December 19, 2012

I think he thought this day would never come.... In fact...I am pretty sure that he said
 those very words over....and over...and over...
It has been a very long journey...
Yesterday was the day. The Rooster literally ran to his appointment...
And this is how he came home!!! PreShie was sooooo excited for him, that she too went to his appointment with him...so see the final results. When they arrived home...PreShie announced...
"He doesn't look like a little boy anymore!!!"
I think she was kind of sad about that;)
*just a funny side note...after the braces were off, the dentist as trying to make
and impression of his teeth for his retainer.
He loaded the "tray" with the gooey stuff to make the mold and
shoved it into The Rooster's mouth...it wasn't but just a minute
or two, that the Dr. realized The Rooster was gagging...
he is a gagger, that Rooster;)  The dentist told The Rooster to
breathe through his nose...but...it was too late!
The Rooster threw-up all over himself and the Dr.....twice!
They finally got the impression made...and The Rooster
arrived at home...shirtless!

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