Messages From The Chalkboard....

March 23, 2010

Found on the chalkboard......
When no one was looking it appeared.
One of the teenage friends that was in and our of the house through the weekend commented
on how "The Chalkboard" has changed the way we communicate in our home.
For example, The Farmer and I actually had a discussion....
well, really it was a difference of opinion, on "The Chalkboard," we ended up
using up the whole thing before our "discussion" was done. We called it
Chalkboard Therapy!
That stayed on the board for a few hours, then the next time we walked into
the kitchen area, the chalkboard had changed again.....
something for everyone was found there.
"I know who I am" was for everyone....and there is a story behind that one....
The Fighting Rooster....
The Boy...a.k.a.......Bubba......
and his dog (really it is dogs)

And PreShie.....her beloved Meow Meow.
We have a bit of a joke in our house that involves PreShie, Meow Meow and a Semi Truck...
So the picture was perfect!
For me....
K + S .....was more than enough~
The Farmer and I took a drive yesterday....a long one.....
and it gave us a chance to just talk, which was really great! Our lives don't allow for too much
"just talking," so it made me happy. He doesn't like it when I talk about him here...but
I do just want to say, that I appreciate his stability and his wisdom. He is such a
peaceful person, and when life gets a little crazy, like is has this past week, he has this
amazing ability to calm the storm. With his calm....he calms the rest of us who are around
him. He makes hard things manageable. When he says,
Everything Will Be Alright.......I believe him.....we all do!
The Boy was in charge of FHE last night. Because of the long drive...The Farmer and I arrived
home a little late, but still planning on gathering for FHE. I had talked with The Boy
several times during the evening and he assured me that everything was taken care of.
So when we got home, The Farmer called The Darlings together to begin FHE, and
they announced that The Boy had already sat them down, shared a story that was meaningful to him, and talked about scripture heros, that although they made mistakes,
they were still instruments in the Lord's hands.
The Darlings.....having FHE on their own.....
who knew it was possible~
This week has been full of learning most weeks are......
and that is okay with me. I love the song from Rascal Flatts.....Stand
It says just what I feel,
Cause when push comes to shove.... You taste what you're made of
You might bend, till you break....Cause its all you can take
On your knees you look up....Decide you've had enough
You get mad you get strong...Wipe your hands shake it off
Then you Stand,
Then you stand
A very dear friend told me a few days ago that she felt like a
Warrior Mother......
I love that! I do, often, feel that every good thing that The Darlings participate in, straps another piece of protective armor on them, each piece will strengthen and protect them a little more, for the battles of life.
Thank you to those of you who add protective pieces of "armor" to The Darlings, day in and day out. They know who is who;) and they love you for it~ A very special thanks for that yummy plate of doughnuts Sunday night.....YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!
They hit the more ways than one!!!!
And back to the messages from the chalkboard.....
We (I) know who we are!!


Meredith said...

i love you and your kids. they are all wonderful and special.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Thanks times like this you sure learn alot about people....who they really are! I have had a few eye openers!

Trisha said...

Those of us who have teenagers never judge,(at least not me.) I have leaned that it could just as well be one of my kids

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