Traveling South...Instead of...North...

January 31, 2012

It seems we are on the road most every week...usually heading North, which is a good thing for
me...that means I get to shop a little in stores I am familiar with.... and enjoy, it means I
get to savor a meal that tastes entirely different from the food found in my "neighborhood,"
A trip North is usually a pretty good thing.
So, last week as I was preparing for the weekly trip "North"...I usually have quite an agenda
prepared before the trip and a long list of "needs"....In the midst of gathering my "plan"....
The Farmer announced that along with traveling "North" we would also be traveling....
"South."  I quickly said never mind...I didn't want to which he replied..
"come will be fun....Chihuahua is a fun city!"  I said..."hummmmm....."
to which he said...."you never go with me to will be fun...I promise..."
And that is when the guilt set I agreed.  I think the reason I don't enjoy traveling
"South" is really because I couldn't find my way around Chihuahua City if my life
depended on it...and usually The Farmer is tied up in meetings so that leaves me....
tied up in meetings right along with him.  I knew that it would be the case this time too...but
The Farmer assured me that there would be great photography opportunities....and he would
take me to see some interesting "stuff."  So off we went....headed North for a very quick trip
to El Paso....after a couple of meetings we crossed the border once again...(twice in one day!)...
and headed to Chihuahua.  It is about a 3 hour drive from El Paso, but the highway is
really nice...unusual for Mexico;)  We soon came to a little town...and as we were entering
The Farmer began to explain that this little town was famous for it's Quesadillas....
How could you be famous for a Quesadialla, you ask???  I asked the same question too!
"It's all about the cheese...." he says.
The cheese is called Asadero, and it is made in that same town, which is also the home
to many very large dairies.  Which by the way was very obvious due to the sent wafting through
the air on a cold winter night;)  It was also around this time that The Farmer began to recount
many fond childhood memories of passing through this town...the Quesadillas he had eaten there...
and another fairly recent memory of he and The Missionary Boy...sharing a Quesadilla
moment together.  Now that one touched my heart!  In Mexico it is common for little
towns to specialize in one thing...and become famous for whatever their specialty is.  It actually
is one of the things that endears me to this country.  As we entered the "Quesadilla Town"...
also known as Villa Ahumada...I noticed that the highway was lined with roadside stands...
and there were many.....that were willing to make us a Quesidilla.
The Farmer selected the "stand" and we parked the car.  No need to get out of your car...
they come to you!  How many Quesadillas would you like????  Would you like to take some
Asadero Cheese home with you???  Would you like to try a Chile Relleno Burrito too???
(they are also famous for those too!)  And last but not least....Would you like your
car washed while you wait???  These are all questions that we were asked...having never left
our car!  How's that for service?  The Farmer Chile Relleno
Burrito...and Yes, one car wash!  I got out of the car and enjoyed taking lots of pictures..
and I must say...the workers enjoyed having their pictures taken too!
Along with the famous burritos and must also try the sauce made
with the very liquid in which the Asadero cheese was cured, mixed with green chile,
jalapeno and onion.  It was extremely spicy, but the flavor was yummy!
This is served as a salsa for your Quesadilla.  Every stand has their version of the
special sauce!  That is really what makes the Quesadilla extra good...the sauce!
It was a Quesadilla adventure like none other!
Just a side note...while getting my hair cut today...I was telling the hairdresser about the
"Quesadilla Town"  and she got a big smile on her face and began to tell me about her
own personal experiences eating there...raving about the "special sauce."
Each vendor owns their own Quesadilla cart...some are really decorated, with lights and
anything else they could think of that would help them stand out from the crowd of vendors.
If you are even in area of Villa Ahumada...I would highly recommend that you stop
and enjoy the experience of one their famous Quesadillas, complete with the special sauce!
Stay tuned...the fun of the trip is just beginning!!

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