Papitas y Pepinos....

February 2, 2012

Our arrival to Chihuahua City was pretty uneventful...except of course for all of
the toll booths that we were required to "visit" along the way! The only good thing
about those toll booths are the extremely clean bathrooms that are close by.  Make a little
mental note about that if you are planning any kind of travel in Mexico. Clean bathrooms
are very hard to find.  Early Thursday morning, after a breakfast meeting....The Farmer guided
us with precision to the heart of Chihuahua City.  The streets are far from straight and people
drive fast.  If you are not on your driving game you will be eaten for lunch!
"Honk if you love Jesus!!"
That is a little note from me to The Farmer...he knows just what that means;)
Anyway, so again, we were headed to another "Farmer Meeting" so The Farmer parked the
car and we began to walk the streets of Chihuahua.  He said...
"I am going to get you something that tastes really good...and you are going to like it!"
And next thing I knew we were standing in front of a potato chip cart.  I can really appreciate
the street chips of Mexico.  The are homemade, and they are YUM!
This cart is a favorite stop of The Farmer when he is in Chihuahua,
and this is why...
It is not just a regular cup of fact there is nothing regular about them!
Here's how it walk up to the cart...the people who work at the cart are often visiting
with each other..or a you have to wait until the conversation breaks...then
you place your order...."A cup of chips...please...." in Spanish of course;)
And then the process begins....the cup is selected, either large or small...fresh lemon is squeezed
onto the chips, and then a large scoop of freshly chopped cucumbers is placed on top.
And then this is when it gets good....
 In the front of the chip cart a special metal rack has been constructed to hold
different bottles of chile.  And any type of chile that your heart included
in the collection of bottles.  The is also a few bottles of a liquid seasoning called is like a Worcestershire sauce and a soy sauce combined... it is commonly used
on chips, on popcorn..and just about everything else in Northern Mexico.
The Farmer has this down to a science...he asks for extra lemon, (which is really lime) juice
on his chips, then he adds a few shakes of Magi... and an extra dose of Valentina, which
is a favorite chile sauce similar to a Tabasco sauce which is very loved in our neck of the woods.
The construction of Papita y an art!
They were really tasty!  I quite enjoyed the chips and cucumbers.
Street food in Mexico is an interesting thing, and a constant adventure.
Thank you to The Farmer for taking me to his favorite chip cart...
on the streets of Chihuahua!
Life is certainly not boring when The Farmer is around!

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