Why I Love Valentine's Day....Heart Attack!!

February 16, 2012


I look forward to this....all year long!!  I love our family HEART ATTACK!!
We begin this on the 1st day of February, each morning before school, The Darlings and their
parents write on a little heart...something the like about the other people in the family.
This year...I found the cutest Post it Notes that were heart shaped...that made the note writing
much easier.  In years past we have used foamie hearts...and doiley hearts..but I love these the best.
The first days are easy...are not too creative...but sweet...it is on about day 5 that the family
has exausted the "standard" compliments and begins searching for something kind to share...
This get really creative and pretty funny....
We've gotten ALOT of laughs from this one...by PreShie...

My creation
It makes me sad when the time comes to take down the notes...I really love them...and I love
watching The Darlings and The Farmer...search for "their" hearts to see what other
family members have written about them.
It is one of our favoite family traditions!

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Pedaling said...

I'm thinking I should make more of a big deal of this day.

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