Why I Love Valentine's Day....The Dinner!.....

February 17, 2012

Our Valentine's Day dinner was actually on Monday the 13th, instead of the 14th...
The Darlings had mutual on the 14th...so we decided that the day before would be great...
it was also FHE...so that made it even better!;)  We began our evening delivering some
yummy cupcakes to family and a few friends that we may as well call family;)
When we returned...The Farmer headed for the grill to prepare some very tasty steaks
for us to enjoy. The dinner was filled with favorites...The Rooster's favorite was the steak and
sliced cucumbers with vinegar and seasonings...
The Farmer's favorite was the Roasted Asparagus...PreShie's favorite was a perfectly
prepared baked potato...I enjoyed it all!
and we all indulged in a Coconut Cake topped with blueberries and whipped cream!
It is always a treat to have The Darlings around the dinner table...
The Farmer takes advantage of the time to tell them stories...always with some great meaning
at the end;)...They hang on every word he says...he is a great storyteller!
I do love Valentine's Day....




Jan T. said...

Can I be part of your family?:) I think I'd love Valentine's day too if I lived at your house! So fun!

Sue said...

What a yummy valentines meal.
Everything looks so festive.

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