It's All About The Burrito.....

November 3, 2011

Recently I have learned that the Eskimo's have as many as 100 different words to describe the
word "snow"....because it is such a big part of their lives.  Likewise, in this culture the Burrito
plays an equally important role in most every home......most everyday!
A burrito can be  filled with just about anything....and trust me....they are!
For instance in the southern part of Mexico, they are filled with crickets and stink bugs...
and according to The Farmer they really didn't taste too bad.  It's the thought that is painful!
When a burrito stand is exceptionally good...the word spreads fast.
In our town...there are MANY locations to purchase a burrito.  And while we are traveling
there are certain locations that we are sure to stop...because of good burritos.
Infact we have been known to find certain burrito certain towns...because
after sampling many different vendors burritos...his are the best!
(But you have to arrive early in the day...otherwise you are out of luck!!)
While visiting with one of my brother-in-laws the other day, he asked if we had been to the
newly discovered burrito stand on the far end of town. 
 He told me where it was located...and told me that people drive
a great distance to eat a burrito from this place.  I asked him why he thought it was so good,
and he thought for a moment...and said he didn't really know why...just that the ingredients seemed
really fresh and the tortillas were made fresh each day.  Now....burritos are a very important
part of the food of this area.  They are simple to make...and they are eaten daily for
atleast one meal...maybe two.  Here would be an example.....
At our house, we very often begin the day with a Breakfast Burrito.
This would have eggs, sauteed vegetbles and a little bit of bacon or sausage.
The are warm and filling...and keep The Darlings...and The Farmer full until lunchtime.
Then for lunch, the working class take burritos with them to their various jobs and when
lunchtime arrives...a small fire is constructed and the burritos are warmed and toasted
over an open fire.  The Boy spent much of his youth in the orchards or on the farms,
working along side the "workmen"...he would never allow me to fix him a lunch to take...
but would tell me that the men would bring extra burritos for him to enjoy...and he would rather
eat those than anything else in the world.  He would then return home and tell me how very
yummy those burritos were...and I should really learn to make beans like the wives of
the men he worked with.  On days he wasn't working...or at school....he would seek out
burritos to satisfy his hunger pains.  He is a true conisuer of the burrito.
Ask him the best locations in our town to get a burrito...and he is sure to name serveral locations
and why each one was good.  When his mission call arrived...that was one of my first comments..
"Where will he find a burrito in England...???"
I am sure that is something he is really missing.
This new burrito stand has fast become our favoirte!
The Farmer's brother was right....they are very good burritos.  Just a little side note about
The Farmer's brother....he should really become a local food fact maybe he should
write a blog about our local food;)....He has been to most all local eating establishments....
and is happy to tell you which is good...and which is not! 
(just a suggestion....hehe!)
The Rooster's personal favoirte is...Papa con queso...and a little chile...
The Farmer's favorite is shredded beef..a la Mexicana....which he says is pretty dang good.
(I haven't eaten it because it is too spicy for me!)
The Frijol con Asadero (a yummy local cheese) always tasty....
And yesterday The Farmer tried the chile relleno burrito...which...again...he said was great!
(Frijol con Asadero)
Shredded beef....A La Mexicana....
The Rooster spent another The Farm thrashing the beans....he worked a
long and full day, in fact we couldn't find him around 7:30 last night....and after calling his name...
inside and outside the house...I walked into his bedroom and found him sound asleep
tucked into his bed.  He was a tired Rooster.
While The Rooster was working....we headed to the burrito stand and purchased several burritos
and took them to him for his lunch.  He was very happy when the burritos arrived!!
Burritos...a simple staple of life in our nieghborhood.....
And we sure do appreciate a great burrito when we find one!!

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Trisha said...

Buritos in Mexico City are just not the same. The other day while driving home from somewhere, Dana made the comment that he wished he could just have a good burrito. The tortillas are different and what they put in them is too. When Cathy was here she asked for a bean burrito (they do have but the lady had no "masher". Needless to say we came home and put on our own beans to cook! Eat one for me!

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