Mr. Potato Head

June 9, 2009

Mr. Potato Head, (aka. The Farmer) and I took a little drive.
Everything was very beautiful today. It was a bit
overcast...not too hot and the clouds were lovely.


I got a little lesson on potatoes today,
Mr. Potato Head was the teacher, and I must admit
it was interesting and I learned alot. The above picture is
the beginnings of many potatoes, imagine that!

Tractors working....
that makes a Farmer happy!

Watering...all kinds of wonderful things going on
at the potato farm.
We passed a nearby wheat was
beautiful...still a little green,
but beautiful!
A lovely afternoon with
(aka. The Farmer!)


Barbiemat said...

Great pictures!

Diane Barazoto said...

I wish I was Mary Poppins and I could step into your pictures! They are beautiful and they make me want to be there...right now.

Alice Wills Gold said...

LOVING LOVING your are getting better with every post.

i want to come to the farm too.

Cedar said...

Nice shots Shelley, I am so proud to call you fam!:) Keep up the good work!

How can we talk Heath into buying me such a fabulous camera??

LaNae said...

I love your pictures--they are great!

Meredith said...

your pictures make me appreciate where we live. thanks shelley.

Cathy said...

Where is the potato farm? I need to go for a ride and check it out too! Was hoping to see those beautiful sunflowers again this year but.... no go!

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

Love these photos, FW, especially the last one.

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