Things You May, or May Not Want To See, In Your Orchard

March 10, 2009

JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 015
An "uncontrolled" burn, on your neighbors property, NOT, something
you want to see so close to your orchard!
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 014
For a moment, The Farmer enjoyed the artistic beauty of the flames...

JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 017
Luckily the fire was contained with not damage to our orchard.
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 044
that you would like to see in your orchard...your foreman putting the final
touches on a new source of water.
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 045
It does seem a little wrong though, ...don't ya think?
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 048
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 053
An orchard full of flowers is something you would want to see in your
orchard. Each flower represents a peach.
JSA, weed fire, peach flowers 055
Each flower represents HOPE of a great year!
We ever live in HOPE in a farming community.


Mom2my9 said...

I don't know what to make of those photos. Except for the last one. Gorgeous shot! You should frame that one!

Alice Wills Gold said...

lovin the photography.

The "fire" shots are just as cool as the blossoms.

BAS said...

Nice post Farmer's Wife. Great photos.

Pedaling said...

i like the peach blossoms best!

love em all though

Lisa said...

I understand all too well the meaning of Hope in the Farming Community! Good luck - love the pictures it reminds me of home!

Rae said...

What amazing pictures! So glad the fire kept out of the orchards!! So wonderful seeing your beautiful blossoms. It gives me hope that spring will come to New England one day soon!! And yay for water!!!

Yeff's Wife! said...

Oh those peach blossoms made me homesick! Luckily I'm surrounded by orchards where I live so I do get to see the blossoms, just a lot later in the spring!

Bobbi said...

Beautiful pictures! You have such a talent for photography.

Jan Turley said...

Love all your posts! I don't know what I'd do without my weekly dose of Shelley!:)

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