Mother Of The Year????....Not This Year!

March 17, 2009

And here are all of the reasons why...this will not be the year that I am awarded
Last week....after several days of being sick, The Boy called from school to tell me
that his eyes felt like they were going to pop out of his head. Not a good sign.
I called The Farmer and quickly made an appointment to see the local Ear, Nose and
Throat Doctor. After he gave The Boy a check up, he informed us that, he, The Boy
had a horrible sinus infection....HORRIBLE!!! He will not only need one treatment of antibiotics but he will need TWO! It was that bad. The Dr. then turned to me
and said "why have you not brought him in before now???"
And he said it in that TONE that Dr.'s can take, when the parent has been irresponsible.
And my answer...."I don't know."
So there you have it....reason number ONE!
PreShie too, has been very sick. And again, I waited and waited to take her to the Dr. until finally it became obvious that she was not getting better. We called the Dr. and he came to the house. After listening to her breathing and checking her lungs, he announced that
PreShie had a HORRIBLE case of bronchitis! YES, BRONCHITIS!
He promptly gave her a shot, which by the way, nearly ruined her life, and he then
went on to describe how very sick she was, and that if she did not improve that night,
she would need to be admitted to the hospital. He gave her a load of medicine as well
as breathing treatments. She is ....thankfully...doing much better.

We ran out of the good stuff (below), that is....GRANOLA. And so what is a Mother to do
when the granola jar is empty?????
Well, fill it up with
And so I did.

Maybe, had The Darlings had a little granola...they wouldn't have been so sick;)

MOTHER OF THE YEAR???? Not this year!
Maybe next year.
Wish me luck....actually....
Wish The Darlings luck....They are going to need it!
*as I write, The Rooster is sick on the couch...we have some bad "sick" karma
at out house right now....ugh!


C said...

I think we've all had times when we thought our kids weren't very sick and it turns out they were... not my favorite memories! :-)

You're an awesome mom! And, you taught me how to make enchilada sauce, via your blog. So for that, and other reasons, I love you :-)


Pedaling said...

mother of the year is way overrated anyway.

and isn't the closest dr like 3 hrs away from you guys?

cookies int he cookie jar instead of granola is a good thing.

this post cracked me up!

Meredith said...

does any mom deserve mom of the year? no. we all have our secrets that we try to keep to ourselves. (i give mercedes a sippy cup full of chocolate milk every night. HA!)

Jarmeg Family said...

Oh Shelley i can totally relate, i had two experiences like that these past couple of weeks, it makes you feel so bad. But don't worry you are an awesome mom and a great example to me!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I am pretty sure that filling up the granola jar with cookies made up for any of your other shortcomings!

Jan Turley said...

You should try winning my current title...."Meanest Mom in the World!" :) Apparently it's the easiest "mother award" to attain!:)

Hope everyone gets feeling better soon!

Yeff's Wife! said...

I think I deserve "Non Mother of the Year" after I let my 10 mos. old boy tumble down 9 stairs into the basement. I guess we all have our days, right??? I still think you're one of the best moms around!

susette said...

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Brittany Ann said...

Doctor's are are either a hypochondirac who brings her kids in too often, or a bad mom who waits until her kids are way too sick. I wouldn't worry about it. I'd give you the mother of the year award. :)

Josh and Harmoni said...

This made me laugh and feel better about not being the only mom to NOT win this award!!! ;p) Thanks for that!!

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