Got Taters.....???

August 27, 2009

Harvest has begun!
Yesterday I took a little trip with The Farmer, The Boy and Rooster to watch the potatoes being harvested. It was so much fun and it was a new experience for me.
It was a beautiful afternoon, full of excitement for a harvest much anticipated.
This is the first year that The Farmer and his youngest brother, Uncle Penguin, grew potatoes. They learned alot.

This is just a little preview....I took soooo many pictures and am editing them right now. I will post the process of the potato harvest....with pictures....a little later today.

I love that Farmer of mine! (in the red shirt). I am so grateful that he is willing to do the right thing, because it is the "right thing." Even if others around him don't like it. Totally unrelated to the potates....



Barbiemat said...

That is neat! Yes, we like your farmer too. He's a good guy!

Pedaling said...

and my kids complain when they have to pull weeds in our little yard...loh, my.

JZM said...

Glad to see all those pototoes coming in for you! We are still waiting to see if we'll even be growing any more here. There are some $ issues at stake, and if things don't work out, they may move us again... Sigh. Miss you!

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