Sana, Sana........

September 30, 2009

I mentioned last week that we had a bit of an accident on the beloved "Rhino."
If you were wondering, it was ALL of The Farmer's fault.....TOTALLY!
Thankfully, it ended well and our bruising is begining to fade. The Farmer's stiches were lovingly removed by The we all stood around as spectators!
You know that you live in a small town when removing stiches is an event.
Anyway, I was telling The Darlings that after everything I had been through with them in their short lifetimes (wrecks, trips to the hospital, trips to the Dr. casts, surgery.......) I really had thought that they were going to show overwhelming empathy toward me....
their BELOVED MOTHER........
Not so much!
They just wanted to be sure that dinner would be served at the same time as before "the accident" and that their lives wouldn't be affected in any way because of my injuries.
Upon expressing my feelings,
The Boy very carefully lifed my badly bruised arm
and began to carefully rub it while saying.....
"Sana, sana....colita de Rana. Si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana!"
"Health, health! Tail of a frog. If you don't get better today, you will by tomorrow!"
This little phrase is one I used on The Darlings during the time they were little. When they were really little they loved it .....and it worked! It comforted them. As they have grown, it hasn't been as effective;)
It is a well know healing tradition in the country of Mexico, one that was brought into our home by a dear lady who worked with us when The Darlings were toddlers. Oh how we loved her.
For a moment....I imagined the day that The Boy, would be rubbing the bumped head of one of his children, lovingly repeating
"Sana, sana.....colita de Rana. Si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana!"
and I wanted to cry.


Pedaling said...

oh, dear;
it was you who got hurt!
not good.

and yes the pic on my blog- i did take.
so fun!

Barbiemat said...

That is so sweet.

Lisa said...

It's good to finally get caught up with you. I enjoy reading your blog. Sorry to hear about your stiches.... :(

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