It Flips....Yes It Does!!

September 21, 2009

Remember this.....the beloved Rhino???
The one that The Rooster worked for??
Well, turns out that they have been recalled. Turns out that they can flip over.
Well, it has been proven.
Trust me....I know....I have the bruises to prove it.
And, The Farmer has the stiches, and the hospital bill to prove it too!
No one to blame but....
The lesson learned.....if "they" say it can flip.....
*luckily our injuries will heal....all is well!!


Pedaling said...

ahhh, the farmer got carried away....

Meredith said...

oh my. . . are they ALL recalled or just your model/year?

Jarmeg Family said...

oh dear, i hope you are all ok! are they going to let you get a new one???

Jan Turley said...

I knew that farmer was still a kid at heart! :) A helmet and pads should be required to ride in those....hope you are both okay!

Jeff's Wife! said...

How did you wreck??? I bet you were so scared for a few seconds. Glad all is well. Recall, recall!

Cathy said...

Shelley....WHAT HAPPENED??? WE WANT DETAILS ON THE ACCIDENT!! (and pictures of your injuries!)
Sana, sana... colita de rana!

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