Another Evening In The Front Yard....

April 14, 2011

My day began at 4:45 this morning. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I am already tired.
The Rooster had a field trip and needed to meet the bus at 5:30 am.  He wasn't happy....He didn't want to
go.  He likes to be close to home.  But none-the-less....he climbed onto the bus with his backpack loaded
with treats, and knowing he was in great hands....I drove away quickly so he couldn't change his mind.
Upon returning home....the next shift of The Darlings were awakened and their day began.
Cooking is in full swing....preparing lunch today for the cousins....another celebration of
The Boy's birthday.
Spring Break is in the air....The Darlings and their Darling Cousins...have started the countdown....and have already started acting like it is Spring Break with roping sessions in the evenings and trips into the orchards to rabbit hunt.  Not typical activities on a school night....but since tonight is their last school night for a good long
time....why not get started!!  I made perfect sense to them!  The truth is....I love when our home
is filled with cousins and friends.  It is loud....but it is great fun!!
Last evening....a group of the cousins gathered to check on The Boy's little colt....who still remains
nameless....(he is waiting for the heaven's to part and reveal her name)....We were a bit worried about the
little thing, because when whe was born two of our other horses were mean and bit her on her back leg.
Can you imagine???  The Boy and I went to the nearby pasture to check on the two mean horses and noticed a very defined hoof print in on the side of Caballero....I secretly was proud of the Muneca...the new Mom...for defending her little baby.  Instinct is an amazing thing!  We brought the Mom and baby
 here to our home where The Boy could carefully watch over her, and
her leg bean to swell and she could hardly walk.  It was soooo sad to watch.  After a visit from our favorite Vet. and after shot, he checked her out very well and announced she was in great shape and she would
be fine.  Our nerves were nerves were calmed....everyone else seemed fine;)
By late afternoon she was running and jumping through the yard.


Back to the cousins.....they gathered in the front yard....excited to just be around the new little colt. 
The Muneca is a really good Mom and watches all who enter the yard...very carefully.  When Cousin Joe,
got a little too close....she let him know to step away....and he got the message;)
The young cousins decided that it was time to rope.  They started by just trying to rope the fence or the tree, or anything else they could see to rope....and then it truned into roping each other.  And they really liked it!
They would take turns roping and being roped.  It was pretty funny to watch.





Even after dark....the fun and games continued....The finished off the eveing with a little rabbit hunting.
Oh it is great to have cousins!

And the little colt.....she is adorable!  She is learning more and more about life....investigating her surroundings, getting to know The Darlings....eating....sleeping....eating more and just being darn cute!
We aren't sure what color she will be yet....The Boy thinks she will be what is called a Roan.
I guess that is kind of grey/purple.  I guess we will see!

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Cathy said...

I saw that little colt about 1/2 hour ago, contentedly nursing on her mommy! So cute!

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