It Was A Very Good Day.....

April 13, 2011


Last night we gathered....the whole celebrate The Boy's 18th birthday.
We did it in our traditional Taco's Rosas.
It is always an event when our family shows up to an eating establishment....we are a large group!
We had adults at one table....teenagers at another....and the mini cousins at yet another.
It is a great blessing to belong to a large supportative family!
I overheard The Farmer's Mother talking to The Boy....telling him about the day he was born, she
was there afterall.  She told him that the day he was born was "A very good day!"
And yes it was!  We waited a long time for Our Boy.  Both our literal family and our community
family was excited for his arrival.  Many happy tears were shed when The Boy was born.

We were sooooo happy to have The Boy in our arms...that is where he stayed most of the time.


Surrounded with family who love him....last night was again...."A very good day!"


Best Cousins!  These two are only 9 months apart and oh how they love each other!
Cousin Loly is like one of our own children....we love her!
We are so grateful for cousins!!!
Happy Birthday to Our Boy!!!  We Love You!!!

1 comment :

Pedaling said...

Happy Birthday.

I sure love seeing pictures from the past. We were kids having these babes.

Very Good days! And many more good days ahead.

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