We Left It All Behind.....

April 26, 2011


A much needed break was in order......
So after celebrating Easter in Mesa with the family, we jumped into the car and headed for....
Puerto Penasco.....Rocky Point.
The Farmer, as well as a whole slew of cousins met us along the way and we have begun a week of
long days in the sun....sand castles in the evenings...(by The Farmer), yummy seafood meals,
long chats....long naps.....good books....more tasty food...
It just doesn't get any better than having our kids with us....all to ourselves....time we are soaking up.
The Boy's mission call is sitting in our mailbox waiting for us to pick it up, which we will do on our way home. 
But as exciting as it is for us to have him prepared to leave...
......his upcoming absence is in our every thought. 
Our family is changing.
And I am more grateful than ever for this week of just being together.

1 comment :

Pedaling said...

relax...enjoy your family.

how did you get that first picture so big?

what blog layout template do you use?
just curious. no hurry in the answer. i just like the format of your bloggy look.

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