It's Sitting In The Mailbox......

April 27, 2011


I figured it must be there, The Boy's mission call.  I am pretty sure it was deliveredd the day after we
picked up the mail on our way to Mesa.  Today I called the Postmaster....and he confirmed is there
waiting for The Boy to pick it up.  That won't happen until next
Monday and so we take deep breaths until then.
He is peaceful, enjoying himself, fishing....making fish tacos.....and everything else you would do at
the beach.  The parents....on the other hand....are just trying to breathe.

The days are full of fishing.....

Playing in the ocean....Preshie has collected a good amount of sea glass for us to take home.

Cousins are enjoying burying other cousins....deep in the sand.....


Big cousins are exploring with little cousins....

And The Farmer takes his place each evening.....sculpting.
It is a beautiful place to be!


Pedaling said...

oh, my goodness.....north carolina,here he comes! ;)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! How suspenseful! Glad you are all enjoying your family vacation!

LaNae said...

How can you relax knowing that is at home waiting?! I would have to go home and come back!

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