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May 2, 2011


While in Puerto Penasco, we were invited by a dear friend to enjoy a sunset cruise and dinner.
It seemed like a good idea.....and so we headed for the dock to board the boat.
We all found our place on the boat....enjoyed the scenery while we waited....discussed a plan of what
we would do if one or more of our children went over the edge of the boat....really we did!
Our kids are not afraid of much and have been known to test the limits a bit.  When I say "our" children,
I am lovingly referring to all of the nieces and nephews that make up "our" children.
Once the plan was in place...and we had purchased some lovely jewerly...we set sail.
The idea was to experience the sunset while on the ocean....and had we left on time we would have
most certainly done just that.  We left 30 minutes late....which made for a very interesting evening
on the boat.  We were luckly to catch a glimpse of the sunset....snap a couple of photos....
we drank alot of soda while waiting for our dinner.....that never arrived....and next thing we knew we
were back at the dock.  This was after a couple of fireworks were set off...pretty close to the boat.
Because "our" children got board while waiting for their dinner...they decided to explore the boat.
They returned to let us know that the real party was on the lower deck....were everyone seemed to be
having a wonderful time with a live band.....and a pole in the center of the "dance" floor.
At this point we were just glad to get back to shore.
The sunset crusie did give us the chance to discuss at great length and great detail...the naked lady story,
which had happened earlier in the day...and that was some good fun!



On a completely different note....the adults decided to go out for dinner during the week.  We left all of
the sweet children behind...well supervised I might add, by the teenage cousins.
We enjoyed a lovely dinner....and a small break from the children.
When we returned we were quickly informed that The Rooster had, had a small accident and had
split the area just under his eye, open.  He was asleep when we checked in on him and so I asked on of the
other cousins exactly what had happened....and this is the report we got...."Well....The Rooster was just
standing by the fridge....and then all of the sudden he sneezed....hit his face on the fridge....and they
there was blood everywhere!"

And that summed it up!
His eye was was very swollen...and ended up quite black the next day.
Who knew that a simple sneeze could end up like that!
I am sure that the cousins took good care of The Rooster....after all...that is what they do best!

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Unknown said...

I hope you love that picture of you and your hubs as much as I do. It's beautiful.

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