Why Shopping At The Beach Is A GREAT Thing......

May 10, 2011


I started collecting Talavera (painted mexican pottery) several years ago.  I love it!
It is bright and cheery and it just makes you feel like having a party.
My first pieces of Talavera were purchased in the city that actually makes the pottery....Puebla.
The Farmer had the unfortunate experience of being assulted and shot in Mexico City,
and we ended up staying there for a couple of weeks while he healed.  The day before
we were to leave, some friends offered to take us to Puebla to see the beautiful pottery,
and so The Farmer's Mother and I took them up on their offer.  She also purchased several
pieces of the Talavera, which we have used for many dinners.


We enjoyed our little shopping trip....everyone came home with  "treat" or two.

Interesting artwork found along the shopping path....
It really was quite fun to look at!


1 comment :

Cedar said...

Those bowls and all that color... DREAMY! I love it, wish I could've been there to shop with you!!

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