"THE" Turkey.....

May 24, 2011


For the sake of family history....The Farmer says things like his MUST,
be documented....So here ya go...
The Rooster shot his first Turkey last Saturday....When The Farmer recounted the
moment....he said t was like none other.....a whole group of hens and a trophy male,
The Rooster nearly lost his marbles in all of the excitement....made a little too much noise
and startled the group...which sent them running...luckily The Rooster was able
to make a shot or too...and landed himself a beauty!
Luck for me...I was out of town and didn't have to see the mess that followed.
The Farmer has carefully saved the meat for Turkey Mole'.
I am not a fan of hunting...but The Farmer says it is just something that boys do...
Congratulations to The Rooster!


1 comment :

Ben said...

Incredible. Well done Roost.

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