Fish Tacos and Mangos....

May 9, 2011


We have had so much going on around our house, during the last week, I didn't have the chance
to finish our beach here we go!
The Boy did a little fishing while at the beach....and then he kindly treated us
to some of the best fish tacos we have ever eaten!  After tasting the fish taco himself...The Boy
announced..."Hey, I think I should have a cooking show!..These are GOOD!"
And yes they were!  Although I am not so sure about the cooking show;)

For me....the most impressive part of the Fish Tacos was that The Boy cleaned
the kitchen of our condo after he was done cooking....Wow!  Now that isn't something you
see too often....and he did a wonderful job.


Mangos became the treat of choice each afternoon on the beach.  The mango vendor would walk
down the beach with a cart, hauling a load of mangos in an ice chest.  He also was equipped with
a shaker full of chile powder and a bottle of Chamoy.  He made a lovely little sculpture
out of each looked like a flower on a stick.

Next he would sprinkle it heavily with chile powder and then pour the Chamoy over
the mango.  It made for a big mess....but was loved by all who ate them.


The Rooster enjoyed himself a mango...or two....or three....I think we actually lost
track of the number he ate.

While in our condo late one phone was The Farmer, who was out
on the beach.  He asked me to come to the balcony so I could see a "suprise" that he had
made for me.  And this is what I saw! It was a lovely "suprise."
Off to the side stood all of the children....I am pretty sure they helped him carve out his
message.....I do like that Farmer.....he is a great guy!


LaNae said...

What a great surprise! Those mangos look yummy!

Jessi said...

What an awesome husband!!!

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