The Herd + One........

May 5, 2011


Our "Herd" has grown!
Yesterday, the little Longhorn calf was born.  He is a little bull calf and his name is
We had hoped to get them moved from the Thorn Ranch to our home before the little
calf was born and we were about one week away.....
Uncle Dave said that when he realized "Chencho" had been born, he went into the pasture to
check him you can see from the above picture...the Daddy bull was not happy and chased him
around a bit.  He said he wasn't sure if  "Nacho" the bull was teasing him or if he really wanted to
poke him with those big horns on his head.  Whatever his intentions were...Uncle Dave didn't hang
around to find out.  He moved quickly....after he took these great pictures of the new member
of our "herd."  It was a fun night in our house last night...The Boy said that this week just couldn't
get any better!  It really feels like Heavenly Father is giving The Boy some really special experiences
with these animals that he loves so much....before he leaves on is mission.
The Mom is really grateful for these tender mercies, that make The Boy so happy!


I am pretty sure I never planned to own Longhorns....or horses....or chickens....or farms.....this isn't
really how I saw my life when I was a teenager....but I do love everything about my life and am
grateful daily to live where I live...... and do what we do.
***Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!***
We will be celebrating .....mas tarde!


LaNae said...

I am glad you are so happy--the time before he leaves goes by very very fast!!

Jordan Smith said...

I just wanted to say hello! I've enjoyed reading your blog and was surprised when after looking through some photos I recognized your face. I think I know you! I am Heidi Blackwelder Smith and live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I would love to be in touch with you if you get a minute.

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