May 18, 2011


Things are changing very fast around here.
Just a few weeks until graduation.....then a Summer filled with activities...
and then The Boy is off to England.  It sounds easy enough, but when you actually take a look a our calendar...that already is full....more activities keep popping up. It will be a busy time for us.
Sunday evening the family gathered again...this time to support The Boy in his new Priesthood assignment.
He was ordained an Elder.

Surrounded by his Grandfather, many of his Uncles...and a couple of dear friends who are like
brothers to him...The Farmer gave The Boy a beautiful blessing with promises,
words of encouragement and counsel.


The cousins were there to support The Boy...he is currently the Head Cousin...but that will
soon change and another will take his place;)
(We need a Head Cousin to help keep the Cousin Mob headed in the right direction)

The Boy was blessed to have both of his Grandmother's there with him.


Three dear friends....future missionaries...one will go to Equador...another to Mexico,
and The Boy to England.  They are sharing this experience together.
Although things are changing so fast, we are thrilled for the future and the experiences
that are ahead for The Boy!


LaNae said...

It does go by fast! I keep remembering things we have to do in the next 14 days! I wish it would slow down!

Jan T. said...

He looks so happy - what a good kid! And, your house looks awesome...I can't even picture where the addition is...it's beautiful.

Unknown said...

I am visiting Sheila, Ted and family and I could not pass seeing your blog on Sheila's. Your wonderful events are happy and exciting ones. I enjoyed seeing the Grandpa and Grandma that I know in some of your pictures. They haven't changed. I want to congratulate your oldest Son for gradulating High School and going on a mission. Good for him! Donna Lax

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