The Best Rooster In The Whole World!!

May 23, 2011


Happy 14th Birthday Dear Rooster!!!
Yesterday was a special day for our family....Our Rooster Turned 14 years old!!
He compelted his Deacon years of Duty to God and was ordained a Teacher!
The Boy...The Farmer and our Uncle Bishop Robinson ordained The was very special!
The Rooster requested for his birthday dinner....Chicken Fried Steak...salad...roasted potatoes, peas
and a Tres Leches cake....yum!

The Boy also was recognized for completing his Duty To God program, and was
given a beautiful medallion.

The cousins all arrived in the evening for cupcakes and popcorn.
The house was full of both little people and big people....The Rooster is loved by all ages;)



The celebration continued today....with the traditional "lunch from home" on each birthday.
For lunch The Rooster requested....Chicken and Brocoli Casserole, rice, garlic bread, caesar salad,
and some tasty chocolate cupcakes.


Today was the final "lunch from home" meal for The Boy.....After 6 years of birthday lunches...
And if I am completely honest...I shed a few tears on my way home from the
school today thinking about it. 

A few things I thought Rooster would enjoy knowing about himself at the age of 14.
*He is always in bed by 8:30 at night....he needs a TON of sleep,
*He is an extreemly picky eater....ugh!
*There is nothing he hates more than taking care of the chickens
*He has a twinkle in his eye...and darling dimple in his chin
*He inherited his Mom's curly hair, and his Grandma C. always wants him to grow it long
*He is tender and thoughtful, he remembers birthdays and always wants to find just the right gift
*He loves animals...especially the horses
*He loves his family...his cousins are his best friends
*He can be very STUBBORN....
*He always seems to convince other to do his work for him.
it usually involves and sweet smile and that twinkle in is eye.....
*He is the first to help his Mom with anything and everything
*He isn't a fan of school...
*He loves Balsamic Vinegar....on everything...
*He loves to golf....and is getting pretty good!
*He just shot his first Turkey...this past weekend!
*He is a good friend to everyone...people love him!

The Rooster is a blessing to our family....we love him soooo much!
Happy Birthday to our Rooster!!

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