It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

May 3, 2011

Yesterday morning 5 missionary calls arrived at our home.
After being gone for several days, we knew we would come home to The Boy's call, but
we had no idea that several other calls would also arrive.  On my dining room table sat the
unopened calls....all together....the futures of some fine young men.
A few calls were made.  We organized our family for the opening of The Boy's call, and I went to work.
My stomach was in knots all day long....The Boy was traveling home from Safford, after attending Prom
with a sweet friend, and around 7:00 our home began to fill with family and friends.  The Boy arrived around
7:20.  A little earlier one of the young men stopped by to pick up his call.....Alejandro Hinojos, who has
been with The Boy since Kindergarten....he called a short while later to let us know he had been called
to the Dominican Republic!  Another young man arrived a little after Alex, Aaron Guiterrez, it was his
18th birthday and his entire family had gathered to celebrate....he called a little later and announced that he
had been called to the Dominican Republic too!  One will go to the East mission and the other to the West mission.  Pretty incredible!  Once the entire family had gathered.....and many friends arrived.....


.....The Boy opened his call....with his Aunt Shauna standing over his shoulder....
she actually read his assignment before he did and looked directly at me when she realized where he would be going....with look that at the moment...I didn't understand, but when he read...
London, England South....I understood.  He was in shock....we were in shock...everyone was in
shock.  No one in our area has been called to England!  He will report August 26, 2011 and
he will be speaking English.  He will also be reporting to the MTC in England.

The Farmer was the first to grab him and give him a big father's hug.....and The Boy
hugged back really hard.  The group that had gathered cheered...the Mom cired...and that is why the above
picture is blurry..;)....Everyone was a very special experience.

The Boy was on one phone with the Grandparents Skinner and on another phone
with The Farmer's Mother who is out of town at the moment.

Cousins hugged tight....they have spent their entire lives is going to be very
hard for them to be apart.

The future missionaries....


The whole gang.  Once The Boy opened his call....we all climbed into our cars and headed to the home
of Mi Hijo (Jonathan) he could open his call.  He was assigned to Ecquador...he was thrilled
his Mom was a little sad.  We returned to our cars and returned to our home for cake and visiting.
It was a wonderful moment for our family, both immediate and extended!  Like Aunt S. said..."this
day will rank up with the greatest days of your life....your marriage....the birth of your children...and
the opening of the mission call."   and she is right!!

Thanks to Aunt Kim for such great missionary pictures of The Boy. 
She knows how to capture the personality of The Boy.  I guess only an Aunt could do that.
We love you Aunt Kim!


Pedaling said...

I was wrong???

Oh, he's gonna have a great mission--I would love to have TJ go to a foreign country and not have to learn a new language...London is perfect! That way they can really just focus on teaching and not speaking...yet still get to go somewhere far and new. Perfect.

Congratulation! So Exciting.

That missionary picture is perfect in every way!

I am sooo happy for your family.
So Happy!

Mindy said...

How exciting. My older brother served in that mission and LOVED it so much. He said it was such a melting pot and he felt like he was in a new country almost every day. Elder The Boy will meet people from all over the world. What a wonderful day for your family.

Lisha said...


England is going to be very different for the Elder Boy, but different in a very lovely way.


LaNae said...

Wow--that is so exciting! I kept waiting for you to post to see where he was going--he will do great! Does that mean you get to drop him off at the MTC in England?

Kimberly & Kids said...

How awesome! When I looked at that missionary picture, I thought that might be the one that was sent with his application, and so it would be the one that was shown as our beloved church leaders look into the face and eyes of this prospective missionary and receive revelation to where the Lord wants him to serve....and London just seems to fit so well. I know we know that's where he's been Called to Serve, but a sweet feeling came over me that he just looks like London! Yipee! Happy day to you all!
Having a missionary has brought such an amazing feeling into our home and I always describe it as a deep reverance that I feel inside. That feeling for you must be multiplied by so many missionaries leaving your area.
Thanks for sharing.

Jan T. said...

How exciting! He will be great!

Kim Skinner said...

we're so excited for him and for you guys! he'll be an awesome missionary! more pics to come soon!

Cathy said...

WOW! Your whole family is in for an amazing experience! I am so happy for you ALL!

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

Wow. Unexpectedly, your sister-in-law's reaction over the Boy's shoulder made me cry!

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