The Aggie Wrap-Up....

April 29, 2014

The Aggie Darlings are finishing-up a few finals in the next couple of days, and then they
will be off to their next adventure! The will be moving...getting jobs for the Summer...
and all the fun that goes along with;) It has been a good semester for them both.
  PreShie has completed her first year at USU!! The Aggie Boy has settled into college life...
the ups and downs. They have both grown alot this semester! The Aggie Boy celebrated his 21st birthday
 with this group of good friends and cousins.
 Thanks to PreShie an fun party was organized.
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The Aggie Boy was gifted with a very special cup to drink is most favorite drink from!
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The Aggie Boy also became a "True Aggie" He has joined the ranks of many family members
 who have gone before him...including his grandparents;) and our PreShie!
A fun tradition at USU.

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