June 20, 2011


It is only half of the future missionaries of The JSA.
It has not happened in the history of the JSA....this many young men serving missions
in one year.  They are an exceptional group of young men.  They all come from homes
where they have been taught and prepared.
Many people's lives will be blessed because of them.
Life has been really fun with them around...and they will be missed....but they
are going to be amazing!!

Thanks to Aunt Shauna for the fun pictures!
The first two young men...leave for the MTC tomorrow morning.

The others will soon follow!
....Including The Boy.....


LaNae said...

Wow--they look great! A mission is so hard on the moms but when you realize what these boys are doing and who they are serving--it makes it a little easier. (on a good day!)

Pedaling said...

cute pictures and poses...very creative. things are a changing.

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