Costa Rica + The Boy = Some Good Fun!

June 18, 2011

Costa Rica 015

A few days after graduation....The Boy and a few friends/students from The JSA as well
as a favorite teacher/second Mom.....left for Costa Rica.  They spent 8 fun fillled....adventure filled...days
in what The Boy calls..."The most beautiful place in the world!"
Costa Rica 137

The Boy's camera was filled with pictures of lush landscapes....
Costa Rica 029

And some crazy man who thought playing with an alligator was really fun.
I personally found this a little disturbing...but I am quite sure that the boat filled with teenagers...
who sat close by...were thrilled and delighted.
Costa Rica 161

The crazy man....also brought a baby alligator aboard the boat for everyone to see up close,
Pretty amazing that something so small, cute and seemingly harmless...could turn into something
so fierce, ugly and ready to remove a limb at any given!
Costa Rica 165

The Boy found his long lost cousin Ben's...look-a-like...also on the trip.
Cousin Ben is serving a mission in Argentina at the moment...and The Boy misses him terribly.
Costa Rica 183

The Boy and Friends also visited a sounded like to me it may be semi-active....based on The Boy's description....they did a Canaopy lining in the jungle, which he loved....they also visited a school, where they presented the students with school supplies that they had brought with them. 
They played a game of soccer...and had a great experience.
Costa Rica 072

They also had the chance to plant a few trees....
eat alot of black beans and rice....enjoy a soccer match between Mexico and Costa Rica...
(which by the way Mexico won!), they made some new friends....the old friends were able to
"mend some fences" and just have a totally great time!
Costa Rica 178

A trip of a lifetime...a perfect closing to the chapter of "high school" on to more
great experiences!!

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