June 27, 2011


Saturday evening we headed to Manti to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant.
We had never seen that pageant...and who can pass up a trip to that amazing temple!
We arrived early enough to secure ourselves a good seat....

The weather was great...nice and warm until the sun went down...and then it was time for jackets.

We took a little picnic lunch along with us....straight from Kneaders...our FAVORITE!!
The Rooster enjoyed a bread bowl with yummy soup...and The Boy demolished a
Turkey and Avocado on Sourdough Bread....oh yum!!
and I ended up with a Navajo Taco...I didn't bring that along...The Rooster actually didn't order
anything from Kneaders...but found himself starving once he saw that bread bowl
pulled from the picnic bag.  Oh well....
So the Navajo Taco was yummy...there was alot of food to choose from at the Pageant...
Funnel Cakes...Snowcones...everything you could imagine....

As always....there are a few "special" folks who like to follow those Mormons around..
this guy brought his own step ladder and stood on top of it yelling...not sure about what....
The fantastic thing about this guy is that we could literally not hear a word he was yelling, once we stepped
onto the temple grounds.  Pretty great!  I never will understand why people feel the need to bash
the way that others choose to worship.  Side story...when we arrived at our cute little townhouse last
week...we were locked out and weren't sure if the managers had left the key with the
we knocked, and the nicest lady answered.  We quickly determined that no key had been left...and so
we began to unload the car while we waited for the managers.  The Boy walked to the nearest garbage
can to throw a few items away, and was met by another one of the neighbors....he told The Boy
that he appreciated us being so friendly and kind to them....and that they too were visiting for just a few
days....they were Jehovah's Witnesses and they came to spend a week knocking on doors.
He then told The Boy...that he had heard that alot of Mormons lived in the area :)....and did The Boy
know anything about that....The Boy smiled and said "yes...ALOT....of Mormons live here...
good luck with your missionary work...I am sure they will all be really nice to you."
They stayed around for a couple of days....and then left....several days before they had planned...
I hope they were treated well while they were here.
Ok....back to the Manti Pagaent..

We had a great time walking the streets of Manti....


The Rooster made himself a bed on the ground...and played
some games on his pass the time

Once the Sun set....the Pageant was so nice!
That it was set on the side of a hill...made it all that more special...I loved it!
It was a treat...something I have wanted to do for a very long time!


Trisha said...

Wish you had taken MAKENZIE with you! I'll have to remind her of this opportunity. I mentioned it to her, I just didn't know the dates.

Ashley said...

Aw, I love the Manti Pageant! I haven't been in over a decade! And Kneaders is one of our favorites too! We have one just up the street from us :)

Pedaling said...

I can't believe this is your first time going. I went years ago. It was nice. I remember being cold.
Love your header.

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