Check'n In At EFY....and Cousin Love!

July 5, 2011


After a funfilled 4th of July weekend....came EFY check-in which fell exactly on the 4th!
The cousins arrived the night before and we all loaded up Monday morning and headed for BYU.

We had cousins from Mexico....cousins from Mesa...and a great group of friends that also
came from Mexico to attend EFY.

Aunt Shauna took a moment to say a little prayer...that Niki would be able to "walk-on" to EFY since she
was not able to get in earlier....and her prayers were answered!
A whole load of teenage energy was dropped off at one time...the kids were happy...and
the parents were pretty happy too!!

PreShie returned Saturday from 2 1/2 weeks of touring in Europe...and was thrilled to be
reunited with her cousins!

They were all happy to see The Boy....

The Boy hasn't seen his cousins for a few weeks...and it was a very happy reunion!

Lots of cousin love!!

This was The Rooster's first experience at EFY.  The Boy took him shopping the week make sure
The Rooster was "ready" for EFY.  He looked pretty cute when I dropped him off.  The Rooster isn't always
up for new fact...he avoids them like the plague...but after many pep talks...he was ready to
go.  He told someone he wasn't too happy that his Mom had paid $$ for him to go to church for
a whole week!  I thought that was pretty funny.  The Boy quickly said that there would be alot of
"hot chicks".....tons of fun...and he would get to be spiritual!  What more could a 14 year old boy ask for??
I thought he would have a hard time when I dropped him off...but NO....he grabbed his suitcase from the car, and headed for the dorms.  When I started to follow his...he said..."what are YOU doing here???"  and even though I was really there to make sure he was ok....I told him I just wanted to snap a few last
pictures and then I would go.  It was fantastic to see him soooo excited!!

PreShie....well....she started with week tired.  She was suffering from jet lag and wasn't sure how
she would make it through the week.  She was excited to be there...just a little worried about being so
tired.  She is in the same group as The Rooster...just to keep an eye out for him.  She will make the best
of the week...I know she will....that is the kind of girl she is!!

The Boy is attending for the last time!
He was super excited to go...but really mad at me for taking too many pictures!
He will thank me someday...YES....he will!
He said he felt old...but he didn't care...he really loves the EFY experience.

And me....well I dropped them off...and drove away with a big smile on my face.
I am so grateful that they are having this experience...I EFY. 
I will be a great week for The Darlings.....and for their Mother;)


Pedaling said...

The Rooster looks so young...he's gonna love it.
The boy is lookin' hot...the girls are going to benefit from a little eye candy with him being there one last time.
and your daughter gets more beautiful by the minute.
That cousin love is something else...I am crazy jealous over having that kind of relationship within your extended family.

LaNae said...

Efy is always such a great experience! I don't think I have had three attend at once though--how fun!

Cathy said...

EFY! What a terrific experience for "the darlings" and their mother! You get to enjoy the "spiritual high" when they come home! It's great!

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